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*** FAQ for BOL members

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  1. BOL Staff 878 posts

    Hello all,

    There's a key at the bottom of the BOL Round Table explaining what each symbol signifies, but I figured we'd create a thread explaining some of the main points, as well as other FAQs for subscribers.

    -- First, with the site layout changes on mobile, you may notice the dropdown menu option for "247Sports" that allows you to navigate to other team sites has been moved. To find this feature, simply click on the three white bars option next to your avatar on the top right then select "247Sports," which is above "News." Here you can navigate to other team sites and features on 247Sports.

    -- To get to other team sites on desktop, use the 247Sports drop down menu at the top left of the page. Choose a sport and click on "Teams."

    -- One cool feature that's already been around but that some may not know about is "My Boards." With a VIP membership you are able to read other sites' message boards and you can bookmark them if you frequent the page. You can do this my selecting "Follow Board" on the message board you wish to follow. That will then keep that board bookmarked when you select the "My Boards" option. The "My Boards" will show in two places, on the top of the board next to the follow board option and in the drop down menu under your username at the top of the page.

    -- Green envelope on topics = new posts in threads you've read or participated in

    -- Red line on topics = hot topics that are creating discussion

    -- The “??+" symbol allows you to follow a user you wish to follow

    -- You can also block a user you wish not to see posts of by selecting the block symbol under their username

    -- A lock symbol signifies a thread that is no longer open for posting

    -- If you wish to reply to another post, click on the "quote" box in the bottom right corner of the post

    --When your username at the top of the page is green, it means you have unread personal messages.

    -- If you have an ad issue such as a redirect (you should not experience ads on the BOL Round Table as a AAVIP subscriber) please send me a PM (personal message) and I can send it to our publisher support team and try to get it resolved ASAP. How might you send a PM? If you select the envelope under a subscriber's name, it opens up a private message box.

    -- If you wish to send another member a PM, click on the envelope under any of their posts or click on the inbox in the drop down menu under your username at the top of the board. Click on "new message" and start typing in the user's name in the user box and click on the user when it shows as an option.

    -- You can personalize your profile by going to settings in the Username drop down menu at the top right of any page.