First off, let’s make one thing perfectly clear: this is not Alabama’s official depth chart.

In his first press conference of the spring, Nick Saban described what most would call a depth chart as “an organizational instrument ... used so that we can organize practice.”

This is derived from the Crimson Tide’s depth chart from a year ago, observations from the first 12 media viewing periods of spring football season and pure predictions on my part.

Alabama just completed its second of three spring scrimmages, and the Crimson Tide’s 2018 depth chart experienced a few changes since our first projection -- a hypothetical projection, of course, like if Alabama opened its season against Louisville, say, this evening.

With the explanations out of the way, BamaOnLine takes a stab at Alabama’s projected depth chart one day after Scrimmage 2, or 80 percent through its spring football season.

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