(Photo: University of Arkansas)

For the first time in four seasons, Arkansas will wear a slightly altered primary uniform that has one ‘tusk’ coming up from the shoulder rather than two, a tusk-like leg design and a helmet that has gone back to a pearl finish rather than the matte finish of the past four seasons.

The only thing with last year’s uniforms that seemed to draw a notable amount of criticism - even from non-purists - was the double tusk-looking design on the shoulders. Those uniforms were first introduced in 2014. While some may argue the tusk needs to be replaced with the traditional running Razorback like Arkansas used to do, this is definitely a step in the right direction as far as adding a cleaner look.

Back on April 21, 2014, Arkansas announced a partnership with Nike to rebrand the look of all 19 athletic programs. The collaboration was a two-year project to ‘enhance and modernize’ the University of Arkansas. The rebranding included a new forward-facing Razorback logo and a trademarked font. Arkansas also slightly darkened the shade of red at this time. In football, the new uniforms looked pretty clean compared to the overdone buzzsaw-shouldered, faded number jerseys that were introduced in 2012. This was also when Anthracite was introduced as a secondary color, along with white helmets. In 2014, black and dark steel gray were also added to the mix of secondary neutral colors.

Since joining the SEC in 1992, this is the longest stretch Arkansas has ever gone without at least slightly changing the look of the uniform. In 1994 Arkansas revealed the hideous Apex jerseys with a band around the shoulder pads, a Razorback on the collarbone four times the size of the helmet Hog and an outlined number. In 1995 they went back to a more traditional look like they wore in 1992-1993 but with the Apex logo on the shoulder. To see more of Arkansas' uniforms of the past click here.

There was not much of a change in 1996 other than the jerseys changing to Reebok. And in 1998 the only major change was the double stripe on the pants changing to a single stripe. In 2001, Arkansas wore Nike jerseys with a black outline around the numbers. In 2003 they switched to Adidas and added a band across the front of the away jerseys and made the leg like more of a dagger. In 2004 they went back to one fat single stripe down the leg.

In 2005, Arkansas went back to a pointy stripe down the leg and for the first time added ‘ARKANSAS’ in large bold letters across the chest. These were popular and would become known as the ‘McFadden era jerseys.’ Arkansas went back to the double stripe leg the next year. These Adidas uniform tops lasted for three years, though the pants changed once during this time.

In 2008, Bobby Petrino’s first year, Arkansas’ uniforms had a lot going on with a stripe down the side that connected the top and bottom of the jersey and resembled a tusk at the top. These were a close second to the 1994 uniforms in terms of being poorly received. Then in 2010 Arkansas switched back to Nike and added the stripe around the top of the home jersey and a red cap on the shoulders of the away jersey. In 2012 they introduced the faded numbers and buzzsaw shoulder in 2013 the faded number was changed to solid. In 2014 they brought out the latest uniforms, and Arkansas has worn those the past four seasons.