‘19 - ‘20 “Expert” Predictions

‘19 - ‘20 “Expert” Predictions

  • I found myself in a book store this morning and checked out the preview mags.

    Street and Smith predicts the Titans will finish eighth and Lindy’s says seventh. UCI, UCSB and CSUN are picked first through third in both rags.

    Our best showing is in the Athlon fish wrap, where we are fourth after UCSB, UCI and CSUN.

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  • I like it. Always good to be under the radar.

  • I agree with Athlon. I think we will be better than most people think but 4th seems to be our ceiling, unless the top three have some injury issues to key players.

  • I will consult Zoltar. A mystic in a wood box knows the Big West better than those east coast biased "journalists".