Brandonn Kamga

Brandonn Kamga

  • Looks like we've got ourselves a grad transfer:

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  • Looks solid. Good to have some veteran leadership on a team in transition. I'm starting to get fired up about this squad.

  • Never heard of that college?

  • shopperman said... (original post)

    Never heard of that college?

    Men's Basketball - High Point Panthers (2018-2019)

    RPI Rank: 220
    SOS Rank: 283
    Record: 14-15 (6-8)
    Conference: Big South

    Men's Basketball - Big South (2018-2019)

    Conf. RPI Rank: 26
    Conf. SOS Rank: 27
    Overall Record: 155-192
    Non-Conf Record: 87-124

    Gardner-Webb represented the Big South as a 16 seed, drew Virginia 1st round. Played them tuff into the first 5 minutes of the second half, blown away from there.