CSUF Basketball Focused Podcast

CSUF Basketball Focused Podcast

  • Hi guys, my name is Jason. My friend Ross and I are doing a weekly podcast about Fullerton Basketball. We are both alums of CSUF and have close associations with the team. I covered the team for most of the season for Titan Sports, the sports recap show on campus. Ross has been involved with being a videographer for many of the teams on campus for the last couple of years. If you guys ever want to give us a listen our show is called Section P Blues. We are on Itunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and various other streaming platforms. Thank you.

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  • I listened to the podcast, and I REALLY appreciate the effort.

    I don't want to discourage you in any way, but here are some helpful hints for a more enjoyable listening experience:

    1. Do your homework.
    2. Prepare your topics before you sit down at the mic.
    3. If you want to reference stats, have them printed out and in front of you. Read them again before going on the air to refresh your memory and to enable you to select what is relevant.
    4. Clacking around on your laptop to look things up is too late and distracting.
    5. It's pronounced WONG.
    6. Make notes when you watch the next game. That will give you specifics to talk about.
    7. Never ask yourself a question that you can't instantly answer.

    Again, I admire the effort. Your podcast could become a significant benefit to Titan basketball fans. Keep at it.

    Please stop by Section K on Thursday to introduce yourselves. There's about 400 years of Titan knowledge in Section K.

  • Thank you for the feedback it is much appreciated

  • You should put a link to your Twitter account or post it here if you have a new one out so people would know.

  • Nice work guys!

  • This is the twitter for the podcast: https://twitter.com/titanstears

    We also have a new episode up on all of our platforms


    Thank you to everyone who commented on this. We appreciate the support and are working to make the podcast better in quality.

  • Nice job. Clear improvement. Thanks also for the shout out.

    Since you asked for comments I'll share a few more.

    1. You were much better prepared. Congrats.

    2. Make sure that you come out of the box with a lot of energy. Your listeners are going to decide in the first minute or two whether they are going to continue.

    I sense that the podcast was done somewhat late at night?

    3. My final suggestion would be to keep it to a consistent, manageable broadcast time of say, 30-35 minutes. 47 minutes is a very long time for people to devote to listening.

    Again, congratulations on such dramatic improvement in only one week!

  • Kirk - I vote for you as the first guest to appear on the podcast

  • 1. I say keep it under 30 minutes. I think 25 is the sweet spot.
    2. Come back here to check for questions from the posters (like where is Josh Pitts?) and try to get an answer.
    3. Start with summary of the topics that will be covered (like update on Josh Pitts) and have teaser topics like that near the end of the podcast.
    4. Invite Kirk and long-term Titan fans to share their basketball wisdom
    5. Also record interviews of random fans from the home games, preferably students, family of athletes, young fans...link them to your podcast.
    5. Keep the energy level high

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  • Hi everyone! It’s Ross Madison, the camera operator. Just wanted to introduce myself on here. These podcasts are a blast! Really appreciate everyone’s feedback. Looking forward to making improvements on it everyday. Go Titans!!

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  • Thank you for the feedback! We will be making the podcast more organized and time efficient. In the coming weeks we would love to invite fans onto the podcast. If anyone is interested please email me at jfred88@csu.fullerton.edu .

  • Hey everyone! Happy Rivalry week! Here's the new episode! https://open.spotify.com/show/4HSRLjnIzbKZ0sjhdS6Nxa?si=VRFgg-wvQSStWoz_-_yDFQ

    We will be attending tonight's game as well as the game at CSUN. Hopefully we come out of this week with 2 more victories. Go Titans!

  • Let's hope the Titans can continue on their hot streak!!!

    New Episode: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5AIz328i98QOYaSJrcI5Yp?si=hHXp-UOMTIWwqwgzWrWNQw

    It's also available on Itunes and other streaming sites!

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  • New episode!!! https://www.buzzsprout.com/245604/975499-section-p-blues-episode-eight-nobody-wins-forever-unless-you-re-uc-irvine

    We will be continuing our coverage as the weeks progress and the whole podcast team will be at the Honda Center continuing coverage on the team and tournament.

  • We are sooooo close to the Big West Tournament!!! The whole team is excited but we know the Titans still have business to take care of on Saturday and we will all be there to watch that.

    Next week's episode will be about the tournament as a whole and we will do some analysis and predictions on what we think is going to happen over those three days.

    New episode: http://www.buzzsprout.com/245604/984949-section-p-blues-episode-nine-survival-of-the-fittest

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  • Listened tonight. One strong recommendation, take your time to enunciate your words and do it a bit slower. I kept having to back up and replay at times to follow the dialogue. Make sure all commentators are equally near the microphone.

    That said, really appreciate this effort. It's a nice start and expect will grow nicely.

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  • Thank you for the advice and support!

  • It feels like Christmas eve! I'm so excited for tomorrow! I will be at all the games tomorrow and we will be doing a special episode from inside of the Honda Center, so look out for that. Hopefully our boys will move forward to play another day. Go Titans!

    New Episode: http://www.buzzsprout.com/245604/994596-section-p-blues-episode-ten-all-roads-lead-to-the-pond

  • I couldn't be happier that the Titans are playing in the postseason again. Unfortunately I will be seeing a warriors game tonight rather than the Titans. Hope they beat Bakersfield and advance!


  • http://www.buzzsprout.com/245604/1037054-section-p-blues-episode-twelve-one-last-time

    One last episode to recap the season. I realize this came very late but better now than never. Thank you to all that listened and gave comments!