Danny Sprinkle to interview for Montana State job

Danny Sprinkle to interview for Montana State job

  • According to a tweet from the guy who covers Montana State for the Billings Gazette, Sprinkle will be interviewing for the Bobcats' head coaching spot. https://twitter.com/gregrachac/status/1110590526477107201

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  • Sprinkle is a great guy and a fine coach. If this is what he wants, I wish him the best of luck!

  • Sprinkle is a former Montana State star who is in the university's Hall of Fame. Some consider him the front runner to get the job, according to this story.

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  • Looks like Sprinkle will be hanging around.I didn't realize what a great player he was "back in the day".


  • Well, he just got hired as head coach at his alma mater. Good for him!

  • oranjetitan said... (original post)

    Well, he just got hired as head coach at his alma mater. Good for him!

    LOL Guess that article was intended to be a mis-direct.

    Good for Danny. Don't envy him readjusting to Montana weather though.

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  • Hozz, that story was written in March, 2018. A misdirection indeed.

    Congrats to coach Sprinkle!

    It will be interesting to see whom Taylor selects for his two replacements.

  • Among the million or so people that he thanked or acknowledged in his initial press conference, coach Sprinkle actually mentioned Section K!

    A great guy. He will be missed.

  • Dream job for Danny.

    Dedrique has done something no other Titan coaches had done, he produced two D1 head coaches, made three consecutive postseasons.

  • Where is Santos heading to?

    Let’s go for the Trifecta!

  • Sprinkle has already hired two assistants. That's quick!