Dos Equis 3 on 3 tournament, $150K cash prize

Dos Equis 3 on 3 tournament, $150K cash prize

  • If not familiar with this, it is now in the second year and the prize money has increased by $50K. Each of the 32 conferences have a team of graduates from that year and last year the Big West did very well, making it to the championship game and losing to the Big 10. Last year's team was Gabe Vincent & Leland King of UCSB, Victor Joseph of Cal Poly & Chance Murray of UCR.

    UCSB's Ar'mond Davis has been selected so far, not sure of who his teammates will be but it will be three more players from the watch list:
    Khalil Ahmad, G, CSU Fullerton
    Kyle Allman Jr., G, CSU Fullerton
    Deishuan Booker, G, Long Beach State
    Temidayo Yussuf, C, Long Beach State
    Donovan Fields, G, Cal Poly
    Jonathan Galloway, F, UC Irvine
    TJ Shorts II, G, UC Davis

    Have any of you heard anything on who the other three players will be? I personally would take both Titans and Shorts. ... 0325klblqu

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  • I remember there used to be a competition in Montana back in the late 70's and early 80's for graduating seniors. A friend of mine was always signing up a team and I got him to add Heenan and Anderson to the roster. No prize money in that one, just all expenses. But afterward they shared they really enjoyed the ProBowl lite experience. I would expect Khalil and Kyle would the same. Especially Khalil. He really really didn't seem ready for his college experience to end in the CIT.

    Kirk being the inside guy that he is might know a bit more in this instance.

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