• Khalil was PLAYER OF THE WEEK at Drew League.

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  • That's my Phone Home boy!!

  • I've been wondering why he hasn't been invited to any NBA tryouts. He has big time talent. I think he's better than KJ in a number of areas, though KJ's quickness, athleticism and potential outweighs Khalil. I hope Ahmad at least gets a Summer League look, I think can impress some people.

  • Khalil was drafted 3rd overall in the Worldwide Invitational Draft by Antimo Martino.

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  • This is a Las Vegas showcase for players interested in playing in one of the European leagues.

    We certainly wish Khalil well.

  • Khalil has signed with Iceland's Keflavik B.C.

    FULLERTON, Calif. - Khalil Ahmad, an alumnus of Cal State Fullerton men's basketball, signed his first professional contract with Keflavik Basketball Club and will play in the Domino's Deildin league, the highest men's professional basketball competition among clubs in Iceland. The club is based in the town of Reykjanesbær in Iceland.

    Ahmad, the 2015 Big West Freshman of the Year, is one of the most prolific scorers in school history. He tallied 1,768 points for his career in 117 games, the third-highest total in program history. He was one of just five athletes in school history to earn All-Conference honors three or more times during their careers and he's the first since Bobby Brown (2004-07). He was also a member of the Big West Conference All-Tournament Team in 2018 and 2019. The Corona native had five 30-point games in his career and 27 20-point games. He also holds the school record for points as a freshman with 429. Early in the 2018-19 season he scored a career-high 40 points against Monmouth, tied for the third-highest single game total in program history. Ahmad also tallied 142 steals in his career, the fifth-highest total in school history.

  • Couldn’t find this team on social media, was hoping to follow them. Do they have internet in Iceland ???

  • You can follow his team on Twitter;

  • Just an update from our guys overseas.

    Khalil Ahmad is having a great season. His stat line is currently: 7 games // 31.4 mins // 23.1 ppg // 6.1 reb // 2.3 ast // 2.3 stl // 1.4 to -- 58.7 FG% -- 27.8 3 PT%

    Kyle Allman Jr is having a tougher time adjusting. His stat line is: 7 games // 21.3 mins // 8.8 ppg // 1.2 reb // 2 ast // .4 stl // 1.8 to -- 27.1 FG% -- 16.7 3 PT%

    Bittersweet news because I'd like to see all former and current Titans do well. It should be noted that KJ is playing in a tougher division against a higher level of talent. Let's just hope he's in a funk that he'll soon break out of. With that said, I've always thought Khalil was a better scorer all around, I believe I mentioned that earlier in this thread. I think shooting too many 3's hurt his production as a Titan seeing that it's nearly impossible to stop his drive to the hoop (he does a great job of using his body to box off defenders) and his mid-range step back shot goes in at a high percentage and is difficult to contest. He has sneaky athleticism and lulls defenders to sleep with his (seemingly) aloof and lethargic mannerism.

    I hope both continue to improve and get a shot to play at the highest level someday, though that is a lot to ask for seeing how talented kids are these days.


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  • I am going to guess both are still trying the step-back 3's, one of the most difficult shots to make in basketball.

  • He is leading his team in scoring. Averaging about 22 points, 5 boards and 2.5 assists.