New 3-Point Stripe

New 3-Point Stripe

  • The NCAA has voted to move the D-I college 3-point line back to the International line. That's another foot or so.

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  • The old line was 20' 9". The new line is 22' 1-3/4".

    The new line will be in effect in 2019-2020.

    Additionally, the clock will be reset to 20 seconds on an offensive rebound.

  • Kirk, Yes I saw that. What I have been wanting to know is what will they do with the sidelines. Will they remove some more of the foot space down at the baseline?

  • Inbounds is inbounds. I don't think there will be any changes.

  • I'm talking about the three point line.are they going to extend the line in the corners so that there is less foot space for a three point shot?

  • Take a look at a picture of the FIBA international line on Google or something. I'm sure it will look like that.

  • Damn Russians now messing with American basketball! The USSR probably has a stable full of short guys that can shoot 3s.( Um Pooty Poot if you have extras give DT a call). Come on Trump slap some tariffs on Vodka. Make the mid-range jump shot great again.

  • Who do we have that can hit they shot?

  • I will take that as a no one...

  • shopperman said... (original post)

    I will take that as a no one...

    I invite you to attend the Blue / Orange Scrimmage in October to find out for yourself.

  • shopperman said... (original post)

    Who do we have that can hit they shot?

    If you are hoping for a Tre Coggins, Isiah Umipig, DJ Seeley or Mikey Williams type of shooters (regular frequency with high accuracy) that opposing teams would be forced to defend, I think we all know the answer. If you are hoping at the least for a couple of a Khalil Ahmad or Kyle Allman type, I don't think we have one on this roster UNLESS, Wayne Arnold has improved his shooting accuracy by multiples.

    I would say Brandon Kamga is probably our best shooter but he is more of a spot shooter. We would not likely see the transition 3 pt shooting that we often saw from Khalil and Kyle (and Wayne) with mixed results. Brandon shoots pretty well but he relies more on good passing and ball movements in half-court, more like Tubby Smith's team than Dedrique Taylor's.

    Also, depending on Wayne Arnold's improvement this summer, we would probably see a lot less of the step back 3 pt attempts...which is a good thing in my opinion. I think they were horrible with those shot attempts. I do not have the stats to back it up but I thought Kyle and Khalil did not have the same success as Tre Coggins with those shots. Wayne Arnold was particularly bad with it but as a Fr, I give him the benefit of doubt.

    Emannuel Taban is also a good shooter but I think he would spend more time in the weight room, less on the floor. Tory San Antonio has improved his perimeter accuracy in his senior year but he is more of an opportunistic shooter who would rather drive to the basket or pass it to the next guy.