Quick question

Quick question

  • Am I allowed to tell everyone that I'm going to be at Copper Blues in Brea this Saturday for a free fantasy football event? It's sort of CSF basketball related because I'm reaching out to CDT to see if he would like to come out and be on the pod. I know his brother is a huge fantasy football fan. It's at 2 p.m. Saturday. Copper Blues. Drink Specials. CSF luminaries.

    But forgive me if I can't post this.

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  • Considering you are the first to post on any of these forums this month, we'll forgive you.

    Wish I could be there but out of town for my own draft. Any link with your rankings? I did see you posted a new article, so that's nice:


  • Oh my gosh, they didn't ask me to do rankings this year. :(

  • No

  • DXDAStar Board said... Oh my gosh, they didn't ask me to do rankings this year. :(

    I'm liking your subtle CSUF props in the Orange/Blue/White plaid tie you wore today for your NFL Network Interview.

    I want one!! Go Titans!!

    Two thumbs up on your fantasy choice of Tyler Lockett. Go Hawks!!

    I'll try my best to stop by tomorrow afternoon and properly heckle you from the crowd.

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  • That was fun