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    Game time baby!!


    Post game notes and observations:

    Closing comment from the official press release:

    "Our postseason fate has yet to be determined and an announcement will be made in the near future."

    Ending sub .500 overall, I wouldn't think so. But Donovan has a reputation for pulling rabbits out of hats. It would be awesome for the Seniors to get one last window to play wearing Titan uniforms.

    This Big West Tournament was a bit of a coming out party for Jonny Wang. Gotta like that.

    From the Irvine Box Score (just as I suspected):

    FG % 1st Half: 15-26 57.7%
    3FG % 1st Half: 5-7 71.4%
    FT % 1st Half: 7-8 87.5%
    2nd half: 19-29 65.5%
    2nd half: 5-7 71.4%
    2nd half: 7-10 70.0%

    Game: 34-55 61.8%
    Game: 10-14 71.4%
    Game: 14-18 77.8%

    We didn't play bad. Irvine just had a lights out night. No shame in that loss.

    We scored 64 points despite their obvious game plan to shut down Khalil. If we had done that in the two regular season games, we would have won both.

    If they play like that in the Dance, gonna be some Big West noise for sure.

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  • I watched the game on TV. I was impressed with UCI. The thing I noticed is Irvine took away Fullerton's offence with their play.

    Every time a Titan charged to the basket Irvine had 4 players surrounded the Titan and we were unable to even take a shot.

    Irvine stopped Fullerton's basic offense.

    That was coaching.

  • Some people I talked to both press and fans felt that UCI was getting away with a whole lot of traveling calls all game long. Maybe if those calls were made the momentum would have not turned in favor of UCI so quickly. Although a whole lot went wrong for the Titans on Saturday, so it probably wouldn't have mattered.

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