In spite of two losses this week...

In spite of two losses this week...

  • The Titans are still ranked in the Top 25.

    League-opening matches are against CSUN (there) and UCSB (here) this week. This could get very interesting.

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  • RPI update. The Big West is the #6 conference.

    Fullerton 20
    UCSB 35
    Irvine 43
    Riverside 45
    Northridge 48
    UC Davis 56
    Cal Poly and Sac State are in the 105-110 range

  • Bad result yesterday losing 1-0 at Northridge.

    Other results: UCSB beat Sac State at home, Irvine beat Riverside at home and UC Davis was the only team to win on the road, beating Cal Poly in SLO.

    Updated standings with RPI's

    UCSB 1-0, 36
    Northridge 1-0, 39
    Irvine 1-0, 42
    UC Davis 1-0, 59
    Fullerton 0-1, 32
    Riverside 0-1, 58
    Sac State 0-1, 103
    Cal Poly 0-1, 114

    Saturday's schedule.

    UCSB at Fullerton. Big match. It would be tough for Fullerton to win the regular season title with a loss.
    Northridge at UC Davis. Winner starts out 2-0.
    Irvine 1-0 at Sac State 0-1.
    Cal Poly 0-1 at Riverside 0-1.

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  • Saturday was an unmitigated disaster, losing 5-0 to UCSB. Fullerton's RPI is still in the at-large range but they need to start winning some matches after losing four in a row.

    Other results - UC Davis beat Northridge at home, Irvine tied at Sac State and Riverside beat Cal Poly at home.

    RPI's after Saturday's matches. Hypothetical at-large cut-off line is in the upper 30's.

    21 UC Santa Barbara (9-2-2, 2-0-0)
    31 Cal State Fullerton (8-4-1, 0-2-0)
    47 UC Irvine (4-4-5, 1-0-1)
    48 CSUN (6-5-1, 1-1-0)
    53 UC Davis (8-3-1, 2-0-0)
    61 UC Riverside (6-5-2, 1-1-0)
    92 Sacramento State (5-6-2, 0-1-1)
    122 Cal Poly (4-6-1, 0-2-0)

  • What the heck happened? Injuries?

  • The men finally stabilized things over the last couple of weeks. After bottoming out in a 3-1 loss at Cal Poly, they won 2-1 in OT at Sac State and upset Irvine 2-1 on the road before losing 2-1 in OT at home to UC Davis over the weekend.

    UCSB (24 RPI), Irvine (29 RPI) and UC Davis (32 RPI) are all in contention for bids in the NCAA tournament and figure to get in unless they suffer some upset losses over the next two weeks. Fullerton with a 45 RPI is the only other team in the top 50 of the RPI (the others are in the 80's-90's) but needs to beat Riverside at home on Saturday to make sure they get into the six team Big West tournament. The top two teams will get byes, with #3 hosting #6 and #4 hosting #5 in the first round. If Fullerton beats Riverside, they will probably be going to the loser of this weekend's UCSB-Cal Poly match for the first round of the tournament.

    Updated standings

    UC Davis 4-1-1, 13 points - vs. Sac State

    Irvine 4-1-1, 13 points - Northridge

    UCSB 3-1-2, 11 points - at Cal Poly

    Cal Poly 3-3, 9 points - vs. UCSB

    Sac State 2-3-1, 7 points - at UC Davis

    Fullerton 2-4, 6 points - vs. Riverside

    Northridge 1-3-2, 5 points - at Irvine

    Riverside 1-4-1, 4 points - at Fullerton

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  • The men came through with a win last night to wrap up a spot in the conference tournament.

    Final regular season standings

    UC Davis 5-1-1, 16 points - W vs. Sac State

    UCSB 4-1-2, 14 points - W at Cal Poly

    Irvine 4-2-1, 13 points - L vs. Northridge

    Cal Poly 3-4, 9 points - L vs. UCSB

    Fullerton 3-4, 9 points - W vs. Riverside

    Northridge 2-3-2, 8 points - W at Irvine

    Sac State 2-4-1, 7 points - L at UC Davis

    Riverside 1-5-1, 4 points - L at Fullerton

    Conference tournament. 1st round (3-6 and 4-5 games) are Wed, semis are Sat 11/9, finals are the following Sat 11/16.

    #1 UC Davis and #2 UCSB have byes.

    #3 Irvine vs. #6 Northridge. Winner plays at UCSB.

    #4 Cal Poly vs. #5 Fullerton. Winner plays at UC Davis.

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  • The men still have a chance at an at-large bid but it will probably require getting to the final of the conference tournament and picking up an RPI boosting win at UC Davis. Winning matches at Cal Poly and UC Davis would probably improve the RPI into the low 30's.

    25 - UC Davis 11-4-2, 5-1-1

    24 - UCSB 11-3-4, 4-1-1

    37 - Irvine 7-6-5, 4-2-1

    94 - Cal Poly 7-8-1, 3-4

    40 - Fullerton 11-6-1, 3-4

    68 - Northridge 7-7-3, 2-3-2

  • Just win out. They cannot leave anything up to chance.

  • Fullerton won 2-0 at Cal Poly. RPI improved to 38. A win at UC Davis (25 RPI) would put Fullerton in excellent position for an at-large bid.

    Irvine lost at home to Northridge for the second time in a week. They're done with a 43 RPI and a .500 record. Northridge plays at UCSB on Sat.

    If both visiting teams win on Sat, Fullerton would host Northridge the following Sat in the final with the winner getting the automatic bid.

  • Would a match with UCSB help our chances better for an at-large bid?

  • If Fullerton were to lose in the final, for RPI purposes it would be better if it was to UCSB.

    Also, the NCAA selection committee would be more likely to take Fullerton as an at-large if they were the 3rd team from the Big West along with UCSB and UC Davis but not as likely as the 4th team if Northridge won the tournament.

  • 2-0 loss at UC Davis and the RPI is at 41. Fullerton has a slim chance at getting an at-large.

  • Unfortunately, Fullerton did not receive an at-large bid. Central Arkansas (29 RPI), FIU (36 RPI), Memphis (38 RPI) and Temple (39 RPI) had better RPI's than Fullerton and also did not receive at-large bids. Irvine was next in line with a 42 RPI.

    Fullerton's at-large fate was determined by their losses to Northridge and Cal Poly that left them tied for 4th with a 3-4 conference record and two dings to their RPI. With a win in even one of those games, Fullerton probably would have had a top 35 RPI with 13 overall wins and there is a good chance that would have gotten them into the tournament field. Irvine's losses to Northridge in the last week of the season and in the first round of the Big West tournament knocked them out.

    The only team with a higher RPI than Fullerton who received an at-large bid was Cal (49 RPI) and that was primarily due to them beating both UW and Stanford (the #6 and #7 national seeds) on the road in the last two weeks of the season. Cal also beat UCSB (their first round opponent) earlier in the year and the winner of that game will play at #12 national seed St. Mary's. The other Big West team in the tournament is UC Davis, who is the #14 national seed and received a first round bye. UC Davis handed St. Mary's their only loss of the season.