National Letter of Intent Day

National Letter of Intent Day

  • In addition to football, today is the start of the NLI period for soccer.

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  • The OC Register is reporting on 3 local kids who signed LOI's with the Titans:


    Men's Soccer
    *  Michael Oakson, Mission Viejo HS
    *  Michael Bogart, Santa Margarita Catholic HS

    Women's Soccer
    *  Callie Strouse, El Dorado HS

  • When does the season start?

    Baseball that begins in November and ends in June is just an absurdity to me that I will never get over.

    Even at UT, I never made much more than a game a year.

    Perhaps soccer and/or rugby would be better for me.

    Please advise.

  • Late August.

  • I recommend CSUF volleyball, although soccer is also enjoyable. But it takes time to appreciate the subtleties of play in a good soccer match.

  • WSOC is exciting at CSUF. The fans are loud.