3 with Titan connections could debut in MLB in 2020

3 with Titan connections could debut in MLB in 2020

  • Because the 2020 season is so different in so many ways, MLB is going to 60-man rosters instead of the normal 40-man roster. And because a number of players are opting out of playing due to personal reasons, the odds teams will use all of those on their 60-man, especially pitchers, is quite high.

    Brett Conine and Connor Seabold were listed on the 60-man rosters for the Astros and Phillies respectively. Phil Bickford was a late addition to the Brewers 60-man roster. Although he only played one year in a Titan uniform (and earned All-American honors) and is a bit of a knucklehead, you have to count him as a Titan alumnus.

    Whether any of those three see action in an MLB game in 2020 remains to be seen. The potential is there to raise the number of Titans to play in the show to an even 70. Thomas Eshelman was the most recent to play in the MLB and is No. 67.

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  • Bickford should have been the Sun starter that year. Eshelman, Garza and Bickford.

  • Not so sure about that. Grahamm Wiest was a verteran pitcher and a pretty good one at that. Holding down a weekend starting position is more than just pure talent and God given ability. It has to do with maturity and being able to handle that. Freshmen usually don't have that and the really special guys like Esh and Garza can handle the pressure of being a weekend starter. Bickford was a bit of a knucklehead and despite being gifted in his arm, needed to do some growing up.

  • I understand Wiest was the more mature starter but winning has a way of bringing the team together. It was a big loss when Bickford left. In my opinion you have to play your best, you recruited the guy so why not play him over a vet if he has the better stuff? It's not like the Majors where you have time to develop other aspects of his game. 3 years go by very fast. I mean should Guangarena be still playing just because he is the veteran, kid has not lived up to the hype.

  • Wiest had an ERA of 1.68 so he didn't deserve to be taken out of the rotation. Eshelman was Eshelman. Garza had some health issues that impacted him in the middle of the season (3.22 ERA in 12 apps, 11 starts, 73 IP) and was in and out of the rotation, with Bickford (2.13 ERA in 20 apps, 10 GS, 76 IP) replacing him when Garza wasn't available. Bickford had better stuff than any of those guys, which is why he was a first round pick twice, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he should have been replacing any of them.

    From a talent perspective, it was a loss to the program not having Bickford for his Soph and JR years. But from a team culture perspective, it was addition by subtraction. That guy had lots of growing up to do and played a major role in Hook getting suspended in 2014. Fullerton did go to Omaha in 2015, mostly due to the pitching.

    Good question re: Guango. He's had two years and has produced little other than the last 3-4 weeks of his FR year in 2019. Schell outplayed him in 2020 and won the C job, with Guango looking for AB's elsewhere.

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