Any thoughts on 2021

Any thoughts on 2021

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  • We hit on this early in the month after the NCAA granted everyone additional years of eligibility:

    Cliff's Notes:

    Hard to tell until we know who is coming back.

    Hearing on very good authority the MLB Draft will be only 5 rounds and will be sometime in July. Probably will be very heavy on college arms and for Titan fans, that means Bibee is probably as good as gone.

    Hearing that Garcia will be the only senior to return. He wouldn't count towards the 35 man roster so we could have a total of 36 come next spring. Bibee + Garcia, that leaves 33 of the 35 on the 2020 roster probably returning. Don't forget that RJ Vanderhook and Jeff Pellegrino were both injured and not a member of the 35 man 2020 roster but do have added eligibility. Pellegrino is a senior and may fall into that category of "only Garcia being the lone senior to return". (Pellegrino's name along with Dillon Brown's appear in the NCAA transfer portal.)

    8 frosh and four JUCO's coming in combined with a smaller MLB draft class means the likelihood of guys coming to campus is better because they may not be drafted. Going to the minors as an undrafted free agent and getting a max of $20K signing bonus is not that appealing when you have a commitment to Fullerton in your pocket.

    Looks like around 45 - 48 guys will be in camp fighting for a spot on the 35 man roster. Simple math shows that 10-12 guys will either need to transfer out after fall semester or will be outright cut. That means the overall talent level should be higher but that goes for all teams, not just those in the Big West Conference.

    Have fun trying to predict which 10+ guys on the roster this shortened season won't be back next year. It will be even harder to pick the newcomers coming in because we haven't seen them play on the collegiate level.

  • Thanks for these notes, any guesses what will happen to Jenkins. Surely he will move on to a full time gig. In any case, the coaching staff is is solid as it’s been in a while so hopefully that will pay off big time in 2021, especially in light of all the increased competition in the Big West which is suddenly as competitive as it’s been in decades.

  • alxko said... (original post)Thanks for these notes, any guesses what will happen to Jenkins.

    Without a completed season, the coaching changes might be less this year. Also, if the MLB contracts the number of minor league teams, there might be an influx of other coaches looking for work. Jenkins is defnitely qualified to get a full time gig but the number of open spots combined with more coaches available, he may stay put. But that is all up to him to decide. He has a young family he needs to look out for so whatever course he takes is probably with their best interest in mind.

  • 35 - Bibee - 4 SR's not returning = 30 players returning (plus Garcia), which means with a 12 man recruiting class that there are 42 players to be accounted for (if all 12 recruits make it to school) before seven players who were FR/SO/JR on the roster won't be back. Rumors are that Borgogno, Cadd and Treadwell won't be back, which would leave four more players transferring out.

  • What about Josten?

  • alxko said... (original post)What about Josten?

    Might need some more specifics on what you are asking about on Timmy.

    He was working his way back from a back injury and would have started throwing later in March. But then the COVID-19 mass hysteria came and he did not throw at all. He gets an additional year of eligibility like everyone else so we would assume he would come back and fight for a spot on the team. Can't imagine a lefty arm being asked to transfer out or getting cut...

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  • Will be great to get him back, would he be the front runner for Friday night?

  • Hard to say when Josten wouldn't have pitched in a college game for 22 months by the time Feb 2021 rolls around and that is still ten months away. He would be among the candidates.

  • Agree with FBF. I think your weekend starting rotation would probably be Luckham, Magrisi and Josten of the veterans returning. Peyton Jones, Evan Adolphus and Gavin Kennedy could be in the mix based on if they can play summer ball and face a few more college level batters.

    Also, consider Christian Rodriguez is committed and signed a letter of intent. If he does not get drafted, he is good enough to come in and compete for a heavy role. He is ranked the 5th best pitcher in the state by Perfect Game and the 26th overall. That's high school and those are projections and we'll have to see how well he adjusts to the college game.

    All in all, with another year of Ricabal at Fullerton, the pitching staff should be solid once again with a combo of talent and coaching.

  • That’s so good to hear, go Titans!

  • Dillon Brown is transferring to Concordia. The OCR article is about Dillon's dad stepping away from coaching at Foothill High but mentions DB will be transferring to CUI and seek his graduate degree. (Shoutout to FBF for sharing the Register article.)

    This should not come as a surprise and few were counting on DB returning to Fullerton despite being a senior and not counting towards the 35-man roster limit in 2021. He wants to eventually go into coaching and CUI has an excellent Sports Management masters program.

    Jimmy Endersby transferred there and was off to a nice season before it all got shutdown. CUI also has a CSUF tint to it with four coaches having Fullerton ties. Head Coach Joe Turgeon played on the 2004 Nat'l championship squad and graduated in 2006. Matt Fahey played from 2006-09 and is the recruiting coordinator there. More recent manes you'll recognize include Timmy Richards and Jake Pavletich, both assistant coaches there.

    The good news is that Jeff Pellegrino is the only other Titan in the transfer portal. He would have been a senior this season had he not been hurt. No juniors, sophs or froshs from Fullerton have entered the transfer portal.

  • 2021 will be a big bounce back season for the Titans.

  • Reports coming out that the MLB Players Union is balking at the reduced draft and also the bonus structure. Depending on how it shakes out, the log jam of incoming players combined with returning players may be resolved. Also saying the draft will be June 10 and not in July. So we might have some clarity sooner than later.

  • Soph, Nicco Cole has entered the Transfer Portal

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  • CalStateOmaha said... (original post)Reports coming out that the MLB Players Union is balking at the reduced draft and also the bonus structure. Depending on how it shakes out, th...

    The draft will be five rounds and held on June 10th. Undrafted players can only sign for 20K max. Deadline to sign is August 1st. The only Fullerton player or incoming recruit who might get drafted is Bibee.

    It doesn't look like the NC-SECACC-AA is going to approve the waiver to allow one-time transfers for undergrads without having to sit out a year. At this time, the NC-SECACC-AA doesn't have plans to change the composition of the rosters - 35 players (plus 2020 SR's returning in 2021), 27 on at least 1/4 of a scholarship.

    Rosters figure to be jammed in fall ball heading into 2021. Fullerton had 30 FR/Soph/JR in 2020 on the active roster (along with guys who weren't on the active roster but were in school and injured like Hook's kid and Pellegrino, who is in the transfer portal) and has 13 incoming recruits (8 HS, 4 JC, 1 grad transfer TBA according to Sergio on the CSO podcast) so 8 players who were not SR's in 2020 will not be back in 2021 if all 13 recruits end up on campus. Cole is officially in the transfer portal and rumors are that Borgogno, Cadd and Treadwell won't be back.

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  • Isaiah Garcia and the mysterious, unnamed grad transfer will be two seniors that do not count against the 35-man roster. Depending on if the other seniors return (Barcellos, Sanchez, Weisz, Pellegrino) the Spring roster could be closer to 40 because those guys don't count. Dillon Brown is already transferring to Concordia so he definitely won't be back. Realistically, Garcia and the mystery grad transfer will be the only two that go above the 35 head count.

    Regarding the draft being 5 rounds, there's good news and bad news for Titan Baseball.

    Good news is that if a Titan goes undrafted, likelihood of him returning to campus is extremely high. Seniors are the only ones expected to sign as free agents and accept the $20K or less as a signing bonus. More Titans back on campus means a better roster because it will be tougher to make the squad with so many bodies out there. That includes Bibee who could get drafted in the first five rounds. But if not, Titans get a lights out Friday night starter back on a pitching depth chart that was going to be rather deep with returning guys and talented new comers.

    Bad news is that with a shorter draft, Bibee could go undrafted. If that happens, for the first time since the baseball program turned Div. 1, no Titan will have been taken in the draft. Not sure how many care about streaks like that but it is a feather in the cap of a program like Fullerton to have so many guys drafted and play professionally every year. 2012 was the one year with only one Titan drafted, Dylan Floro in the 13th round to Tampa.

  • RHP Damon Treadwell (RS Fr) has entered the Transfer Portal

    Will he be a Freshman for the 3rd consecutive year, in 2021?

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  • Sounds about right. Third year Freshman. Isaiah Garcia will be a sixth year senior. These are strange times we are living in.

  • Indeed

  • Borgogno was listed in the D1 Baseball transfer tracker today.

  • FullertonBaseballFan said... (original post)Borgogno was listed in the D1 Baseball transfer tracker today.

    If Bogo does not land at another school, thinking the chances he signs an undrafted free agent contract might be higher than him trying to return. He is draft eligible and with the draft reduced to 5 rounds, he is not projected to go that high. But if he doesn't transfer, might be smart to go pro and give it a shot. By the looks of it, it will be a crowded infield and a tough squad to make at Fullerton.

  • Ryan Hare a Graduated Pitcher from UNLV appears to be transferring to Fullerton, per the transfer portal tracker.

    2016 1 2 5.91 18 2 0 0 0 35.0 39 26 23 16 28 4 4 .345
    2018 0 0 8.64 7 0 0 0 0 8.1 13 8 8 5 3 0 0 .361
    2019 8 4 3.52 16 11 0 0 0 79.1 63 34 31 24 52 5 7 .217
    2020 UNLV 2 1 4.43 4 4 0 0 0 20.1 17 11 10 10 22 0 1 .218

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  • CalStateOmaha said... (original post)Isaiah Garcia and the mysterious, unnamed grad transfer will be two seniors that do not count against the 35-man roster. Depending on if the o...

    Is Ryan Hare the mysterious, unnamed grad transfer?

  • Demitri Colacchio entered the portal today.

  • TitaNation89 said... (original post)Is Ryan Hare the mysterious, unnamed grad transfer?

    It would appear so.

    Dude had Tommy John surgery and redshirted in 2017. Opened the 2020 season as the Friday night guy until COVID shut it all down.

    Good news is he has his degree and can transfer D1 to D1 without having to sit out. Since he is a senior, he can join the team and not count against the 35-man roster.

    With Demitri Colacchio entering the transfer portal, that makes a total of 4 underclassmen from the 2020 squad. (6 total now but Jeff Pellegrino & Dillon Brown are seniors and would not count towards the 35-man limit if they stayed.)

    The math for the 2021 roster looks like this:

    On the online roster, 37 total players listed although they listed, both Jeff Pellegrino and RJ Vanderhook who were injured and were not on the official 35-man roster. Of the official 35, 5 were seniors. Whether they choose to return or not, they will not count against the 35 man number.

    30 underclassmen + 8 Frosh + 4 JUCO transfers = 42. 42 - 7 = 35

    4 underclassmen are already in the transfer portal meaning 3 more either need to transfer, get taken in the MLB draft or will be outright cut.

    Tanner Bibee has the best shot at getting taken in the shortened MLB draft this year. Also the recruit with the biggest threat to be drafted is RHP Christian Rodriguez out of OLu. Sergio downplayed how much MLB scouts like the kid on the podcast but he might get snagged in the draft. Lots of pre-draft reports and predictions I have seen project him to be selected fifth round. With shortened draft. maybe MLB clubs will prefer to go with more college players but you never know. Personally keeping my fingers crossed he does not go pro and comes to Fullerton.

    After June 10, we should have a better grasp on what needs to happen. If both Bibee and Rodriguez do not get drafted and come to campus, three other guys will need to go elsewhere. Whether it is guys from this year's roster or incoming kids that can't win a roster spot, by our count, if the four underclassmen already in the transfer portal end up leaving, three more need to go.