Any thoughts on 2021

Any thoughts on 2021

  • Upon further investigation and having it pointed out to me on Twitter, Grad transfers will count towards the 35-man roster...

    The only seniors that do not count towards the 35-man roster limit are those already in your program. In Fullerton's case there are six, Pellegrino, Brown, Weisz, Sanchez, Garcia and Barcellos. Dillon Brown is already going to Concordia, Pellegrino is in the transfer portal and the status of the others is up in the air.

    So the new math is:

    30 underclassmen + 8 Frosh + 4 JUCO transfers + 1 Grad transfer = 43. 43 - 8 = 35

  • Just how good can this team be in 2021 given all the talent, staying and coming? Obviously, other BW teams will go through the same process, but it seems this just might be the right formula in returning to playoffs.

  • All the talent? From a team that was 31-38 over the last two seasons and went 2-12 in their final 14 games before things were called off?

    There are several other teams in the Big West who were playing much better than Fullerton who have pretty much their entire rosters back minus the guys who weren't playing who are being cleared out for the recruiting classes who are also getting talent infusions.

    There is much to be done with improving the talent level on the roster and this was Sergio's first recruiting class.

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  • The team was predicted to win the Big West, so the talent level is definitely there. I think the issues were rehashed in numerous posts but the level of talent was the least of it I would think unless you really feel strong about that.

  • Fullerton was also predicted to win the conference in 2019 and barely finished over .500 so that doesn't necessarily mean that "the talent level was definitely there" over the past two seasons.

    If the talent level is definitely there but the issues that have been rehashed still exist, what has changed with the causes of the team going 2-12 before things were called off? The pitchers were improved after no longer being Lousy Rousey'd, which definitely helps, but the issues on offense were still there due to the lack of talent. They often looked overmatched and slashed .214/.306/.266 and even in a small sample size, that's putrid.

  • Can’t argue with your logic, let’s just hope with Sergio onboard, things will improve sooner rather than later. We are all certainly rooting for that.

  • Absolutely, these last two seasons have left a bitter taste in the mouths of a lot of people around the program who would like to see this turned around ASAP. Without question, the team hasn't played up to expectations and that falls on both the coaching staff and the players. The assistant coaching staff was completely turned over and now the roster is being turned over as Sergio attempts to upgrade the talent level and players who see the writing on the wall are moving on.

  • Any news on getting a hitting coach? ;)

  • Will Jenkins still be around? Would be great if he stayed.

  • With respect to Coach Jenkins with the COVID 19 situation and campus essentially closed will his Titan sports youth camps be cancelled? This could force him to look elsewhere for a better paying position? Just a thought.

  • Re: Jenkins - that depends on how much movement there is on other coaching staffs and if other campuses open up for those types of activities.

    Between all of the movement after the 2019 season and COVID-19 this year, there doesn't figure to be too much going on this off-season.

    Also, most other campuses don't figure to be open for camps.

    Tough time for volunteer assistants.

  • Something interesting from the news yesterday.

    Kendall Rogers @KendallRogers
    NEWS: The @BigWestSports has passed a guideline that will limit the total traveling baseball party to 32 people — including players and coaches. SIDs/broadcasters are exempt, but will certainly be a headache for some teams who travel more personnel.
    9:09 AM · Jun 5, 2020

    The normal travel squad has been 27 players plus four coaches (3 paid and the volunteer), Murrieta the DBO, DiTolla to babysit Hook in the dugout, the trainer and 2-3 team managers (one usually is a bullpen C).

  • Sounds like not only will the coaching staff have a tough time cutting down the roster to 35 players, the AD will have a tough time deciding who will need to stay home of the support staff.