Compiling a list of Summer Ball clubs Titans are playing for...

Compiling a list of Summer Ball clubs Titans are playing for...

  • The past couple of years we have put together a list of summer ball club the returning and incoming Titans will be playing for in the summer. This summer is a bit different with the Cape Cod League being shut down completely and some other clubs putting together an abbreviated season. Some players may choose not to play or could not find a team for them to play on this summer.

    If you know of the summer ball team a player listed below might be playing, please add it in the comments. What I have so far...

    Returning Players

    Evan Adolphus - - Inland Valley Pirates
    Landon Anderson - DriveLine
    Brady Barcellos - Senior & probably graduated
    Tanner Bibee - DriveLine
    Brett Borgogno - ???
    Jason Brandow - Healdsburg Prune Packers
    Dillon Brown - Transferred to Concordia (Irvine)
    Trevor Cadd - ???
    Demitri Colacchio - ???
    Nicco Cole - Stix Collegiate
    Caden Connor - Inland Valley Pirates
    JJ Cruz - OC Bucs
    Isaiah Garcia - Lincoln Potters
    Titus Groeneweg - Santa Barbara Foresters
    Kameron Guangorena - Inland Valley Pirates
    Peyton Jones - ???
    Timothy Josten - DriveLine
    Gavin Kennedy - ???
    Michael Knorr - San Diego Brewers
    Zach Lew - OC Bucs
    Kyle Luckham - Santa Barbara Foresters
    Jackson Lyon - Inland Valley Pirates
    Joe Magrisi - San Diego Waveriders
    Max Miller - OC Bucs
    Miguel Ortiz - ??? (Summer job working at a grocery store per Titans Athletics story)
    Jeff Pellegrino - Transferred to Concordia (Irvine)
    Cameron Repetti - OC Bucs
    Matthew Sanchez - Inland Valley Pirates
    Andrew Scheinert - ???
    Alex Solis - ???
    Damon Treadwell - Transferred to CS Dominguez Hills
    Cole Urman - ???
    Josh Urps - ???
    RJ Vanderhook - ???
    Michael Weisberg - ???
    Zach Weisz - Senior & probably graduated

    Incoming Frosh & JC Transfers:

    Brendan Bobo - ??? (In podcast interview said was going to play for Stone Caps but they canceled their season. Has not found an alternative summer ball club yet.)
    Tristan Gomes - ??? (In podcast interview said was going to play in the WCL but couldn't remember the team name he was assigned. They canceled and has not found an alternative summer ball club yet. Will probabably play Legion games out in Omaha until time to come to campus.)
    Sam Gomez - OC Bucs
    Wyatt Johnson - ???
    Nathan Nankil - San Diego Wild
    JT Navyac - ???
    Deylan Pigford - Willmar Stingers
    Christian Rodriguez - OC Bucs
    Jacob Vargas - - OC Bucs
    Omar Veloz - Santa Barbara Foresters
    James Wambold - ???

    Edited to add: Anderson, Bibee & Josten working out at DriveLine

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  • Borgogno isn’t returning. Louisiana, apparently.

  • New posted updates on D1 Transfer Tracker.

    Demitri Colacchio...Hope International.

    Brett Borgogno...Louisana.