Goodwin upgrades

Goodwin upgrades

  • Just wondering if I missed the notification that renovations on Goodwin have started...
    Since I am out of state now, I can't swing by to see....


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  • Nothing yet. Mrs. Cal State Omaha and I took a drive out of boredom and ended up at Goodwin Field. Looked and there is no progress. Looks exactly the same as it did after the second ASU game.

    Depending on what the permitting allows and the distancing restrictions placed on the construction team by the city, county and state, hopefully they will start on time in June as planned. Construction is continuing at Dodger Stadium and the new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood. Hopefully the Titan project can go off as planned. But as of right now, the campus is a ghost town.

  • Thanks for info...

  • Interviewed Hook for the podcast yesterday. Asked about the improvements. he says it will be starting on time and the funding for it is still there. Lots of surveying going on now and should be good to go for an on time start date. More details in the podcast which will be published later today.

  • Podcast is up and published so you can hear for yourself.

    In a nutshell, hard to tell who will return until MLB has their draft. Nobody knows how many rounds the draft will be. The choice of seniors and juniors to return is up to them individually based on their unique situation.

    Our math puts it that about 6-8 players on the 2020 roster will either need to leave via the draft, go pro via free agency, transfer out of the program or will be outright cut to make room for the incoming players. No matter how large the draft is, Bibee is almost a lock to get drafted. But that leaves 5-7 players whose situation is in flux.

  • CalStateOmaha said... (original post)Podcast is up and published so you can hear for yourself.In a nutshell, hard to tell who will return until MLB has their draft. Nobody knows h...

    D. Brown is listed in the transfer portal as a grad transfer. Pellegrino is listed in the transfer portal even though he wasn't on the 35 man roster this season.

    Rumored to be transferring out are Borgogno, Cadd and Treadwell.

    Despite being able to keep SR's on the roster and not have them count against the 35 man roster limit, I'm hearing it isn't too likely that any of the SR's will be returning, including Garcia because he's already in his fifth year of college.

    The roster math is pretty simple. This year there were 8 JR's, 11 Soph's and 11 FR for 30 total players who weren't SR's. There are eight incoming FR and at least two JC transfers for ten players in the recruiting class. That means at least five non-SR's will not be back if all of the incoming recruits show up on campus.

    Presuming Bibee is drafted, that means four non-SR's won't be back. If Borgogno, Cadd and Treadwell aren't returning, that means one more player would need to transfer out.

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  • Here is the time frame on the one time transfer rule:

    Kendall Rogers @KendallRogers
    SOURCES: The @NCAA Division I Council will discuss the implementation of a one-time transfer waiver on April 24. The Council will not vote on it that day, but a vote IS expected to take place on May 20. Told the measure is expected to pass and would immediately apply. Stay tuned.
    6:37 PM · Apr 9, 2020

    This will help clear things up for coaches with the roster crunch and it will help clear the decks for players to move around and be able to play next season.

    Fullerton will actually have four JC transfers (LHP from Citrus, C from Mt. SAC, OF from Chaffey, OF from Midland, TX) to go along with 8 incoming FR so that means Bibee + six other non SR's who were on the roster last year will be moving on and if more guys transfer in, that means more guys will be transferring out.

  • The last update was posted in April??? Any chance we can get more information about the baseball complex construction project now that it’s Mid-October?

  • Delays have been caused by the State Fire Marshall's department. We were suddenly required to build a fire access road at the very end of the project approval process.

    Naturally, the State Fire officials have all been very busy with the recent slew of fires all over the state. My understanding is that we are waiting for someone to come and give us the final blessing for us to break ground. Obviously, this has been a frustrating project for all concerned.

    Like everything during this friggin' pandemic, we just need to be patient. However, let me make this very clear: The money has been allocated. It will not be used for anything else. This project will not be cancelled!!