Memories from Rosenblatt?

Memories from Rosenblatt?

  • Seeing how 16 of the 18 CWS appearances by the Titans came at Rosenblatt, many of you probably went to Omaha at least once.

    What are some traditions and memories you have that are specific to Rosenblatt? I'll chum the waters a little bit with one of my favorite aspects that was unique to Rosenblatt during the CWS.

    Booing or cheering the ball girls when attempting to catch foul balls coming off the netting behind home plate. Cheers for the girl that caught the ball cleanly. Boos if she let it hit the ground. Lost today because the configuration at the new TD Ameritrade Park is different.

    What's yours?user generated

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  • All the tailgating, and especially close access to the Titan House. Best memory was celebrating the championship with the the team there in the backyard in 2004.