What an impressive podcast with Sergio

What an impressive podcast with Sergio

  • Great conversation that really addressed all the key points including this season and the future. He will definitely bring some great recruits on campus.

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  • For those wanting to take a listen, just go to whatever podcast platform you prefer and search for "1544 Miles to Omaha". It will pop up first and if you hit the subscribe button, future episodes will be downloaded to your preferred device.

    If you are new to podcasts, some of the more popular platforms include: Apple iTunes Podcasts for iPhone and iPad users or Google Podcasts for Android users. Third party podcast platforms include apps like I Heart Radio, Spotify, Overcast, TuneIn, Breaker, Castro, Himalaya, Pocket Casts, Stitcher... the list goes on and on.

    Feel free to suggest future guests that you think Titan Baseball fans would enjoy hearing from.

  • I hope Bibee comes back. Sounds like the best 9 will play regardless of their class/year.

  • Great interview.

    How about talking to Ricabal - his playing history, pitching philosophy, view on prospects, etc.

  • Ricabal was on the CSO podcast last summer.


  • The interview with Sergio was great. The one takeaway I thought was eye opening was that the Big 10 & SEC regularly come into Southern California and take away recruits that are in our CSF radar.

    This has happened since the Social Media sites like Perfect Game etc. Less hidden gems because of the internet.

    I’m hearing good things about our new approach in terms of skills, size, and player makeup.