New Cal State Fullerton Message Board

New Cal State Fullerton Message Board

  • I have set up a new message board for people to use in case nobody takes over TitanCentral.  

    I picked the site because it looks and operates similarto what we have now.  We should only have one message board, so if TitanCentral continues or somebody comes up with a better alternative, I will have no problem with shutting it down.

    One of my criteria is that the message board be easy to use on my phone.  I was able to set up the board using only my phone in about 20 minutes, so it definitely fits the bill in that respect.  I don't like the Yuku forums because they are difficult to use on my phone.  I also rejected the idea of our piggy-backing onto the Big West Yuku site like UCR and UCI do.  That site is cluttered and somewhat annoying to navigate.  I also wanted the room to create a larger number of forums, even though I realize some might never get used.

    The message board is free so it is going to have ads.  I haven't seen any yet, but I hope they are relatively unobtrusive like they are on TitanCentral and not constantly in your face like they are on Yuku.  If it becomes intolerable, we may have to find something else.

    It's just a message board.  I'm not going to write any stories or do any interviews.  Of course, people can post those in the forums if they want.  

    I am open to any suggestions.