TitanCentral.com Closing Shop Beginning Dec. 21st

TitanCentral.com Closing Shop Beginning Dec. 21st

  • In the words of Titan legend Bob Burton, "We've had a nice run."

    If someone would like take over as publisher, the job is open, though the new publisher will be required to step it up quite a bit (i.e., to be successful, it needs to be done right and this requires adequate time and commitment).

    Here are the following, minimum requirements:

    Passionate about Cal State Fullerton athletics Knowledge of HTML (CSS, a programming language and/or Javascript knowledge highly recommended) Self-taught (Comprehend the Scout.com publisher's manual and navigate the administration area) Publish at least three stories each week during the basketball season Publish at least two stories each week during the baseball season Publish at least one story each week during the off-season Publish at least 2 interviews per month (Video or written) Administration of the TitanCentral.com message boards
    If interested, send me aPM and we will begin initial discussions (if you don't know how to send a PM, consider yourself unqualified).

    If a publisher is not found, this site and these forums will be closed permanently on December 21st. But not to worry, this is the internet and there are boundless options to continue the discussion of Titan sports:

    While not my favorite format, the worst case scenario would be the Big West Yuku boards (actually, worst case would be a board similar to Long Beach's boards).

    Someone could also post a blog similar to the one run by CSF Baseball and/or create their own messages boards using their own website or another service (Hint: Google is your friend).

    Will update this post as required.