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When Wilcox came last year and switched us to a 3-4 defense, we didn't really have any true nose tackles to play in the middle of line. We mix and matched pieces last year, but we did recruit one guy, Siulagisipai Fuimaono, who redshirted last year, and I believe is slated to be a nose tackle. How is he developing?

I haven’t had much of a chance to see Fuimaono play (I came right after spring practices ended and summer practices haven’t been opened up to media folk like me yet), but I’ve heard from coaches that he’s continuing to come along well. I think redshirting him was the right call, and I think you’ll almost certainly see him out there on Day 1. He’s really a prototypical nose and I think he’ll be huge in stopping opposing teams’ run game. 

Another question I have surrounds the wide receivers. I thought they performed admirably last year after Demetris Robertson got hurt. But it was obvious that they didn't have anyone to take the top off the defense and threaten opposing defenses with their speed. With what I have read going into next season, it seems that Nikko Remigio is the best bet to fill that role but he is just a freshman and with the other receivers on the roster I can't imagine him getting a ton of playing time. Any thoughts there?

I really like Remigio, and our scouts do, too. I definitely think he could see some playing time this year, but I’m not sure I’d put him down in Robertson’s spot just yet. I think the best bet to fill that void is either Jordan Duncan or Taariq Johnson. Johnson had a sensational spring — by all accounts — and is a big, Jordan Veasy-like target. But neither Johnson or Duncan have Robertson’s speed (although Duncan does seem a hair faster), while Remigio is certainly a Speedy Gonzales out on the field. I could see Remigio getting some snaps to test the waters and earning more and more playing time as the season progresses if he’s as outstanding as people think he could potentially be. 

Will the Bears go bowling this year?

I like Cal’s chances. With how close the Bears came last year and in the heartbreaking way in which they missed the bowl season with so many close losses, I think Cal does, indeed, play in a bowl game this season. 

Looks like Jones decided for Furd. Will Cal be able to secure commitments from any of the other big local prospects: To'oto'o, Latu, Bandes or Rutherford?

I like the Bears’ chances with Latu, in particular. I think Cal’s rugby program is a big plus, and I think the Bears have to be right up there at or near the top for him. I think if Cal could land Latu, that might help bring Rutherford along, too. I think the teammates like the idea of playing together, although it isn’t the end-all, be-all. Rutherford being a Cal legacy helps the Bears’ chances — he’s previously said how much fun his dad had being back on the Cal campus, how he grew up such a Cal fan and how it was really special to put on his dad's jersey on Cal day. To'oto'o is a bit of a mystery to me. And I certainly wouldn’t be surprised to see Bandes wearing the blue and gold. The impression I've gotten is that he really likes the Bears.