OT: The Movie Thread

OT: The Movie Thread

  • If you see a movie, post your review/thoughts up here and tell if it's worth seeing. You can also use this to discuss your favorite movies of all time, etc.

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  • better in some ways.... I liked the non-mopey Peter Parker a lot more. I didn't find Gwen Stacy as annoying as Kristen Dunst's character from the first set.

    Overall it was good...but didn't really sell me on needing a reboot.

  • TED is the funniest movie. If you have not seen it go.

  • It was pretty good... better than the average Family Guy episode.

  • Going to see The Dark Knight Rises this weekend

  • Going tonight @ 7:30

  • IMO, there is only one.... Greenville Grand. Ate at East Coast Wings.


    I liked it and they dug into some cool Batman story lines. I'll keep quiet but there is a lot they get into.

  • If you like paying full price for a ragged theater with poor upkeep in the auditoriums and restrooms then so be it.

    I got fed up with their lack of upkeep and crappy working equipment. I have only been there twice since the Greenville Grand opened... and that was because for the two movies that I saw they were the only ones to offer 2D viewings.

    Kind of sad that Carmike finally built a decent theater when it was new...but lack of upkeep has let it go to shambles like all their other old theaters fell into.

  • Saw it as well. Can't wait for Batman and Robin ! :)

  • They did Batman and Robin..... worst movie eVar.

    And this was Nolan's last.

  • Austin Powers: Goldmember / dvd
    Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me / dvd

    Harry Potter: Deathly Hollows II / br

    Planet Terror / dvd

    Anchorman / dvd
    --hopefully 2 will be good.

    Immortals / NF stream
    --while not bad, just not quite as good as 300.

    Batman Returns / br
    --great follow up to Batman

    Batman / br
    --Keaton and Nicholson did great jobs.

    Batman Begins / BR
    --great way to reboot

    The Dark Knight / BR
    --great follow up to first. Ledger was on a different vibe IMO.

    Machete / br
    --just a bad ass movie

    Total Recall / br
    --watched to refamiliarize before Collin Farrell's new one. Still not sure what was the dream and what was real.

    Black Dynamite / Animated--Adult Swim
    --EPIC..... not quite as good as the movie but up there..

  • Has that been confirmed?

    Just feels like there are too many open-leading questions at the end of that one.

  • http://www.darkhorizons.com/news/24500/chris-nolan-s-final-letter-to-batman

    ^^ Yes


    The Green Hornet / dvd
    **Honestly, not bad... good balance of comedy and action.

    The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian/ BR
    --I think it is the best of the 3 movies out right now. TLTW&TW was good but felt too much like Harry Potter + Lord of the Rings. The Dawn Treader wasn't bad... but felt short... like it was missing "the thing" to make it better.

  • GI Joe: Rise of Cobra / dvd
    --I did like the movie but I do wish they had had more Joes in it. Hopefully #2 will be as good or better.

    Chronicles of Narnia:Dawn Treader / br
    --Liked it...wanted more though

  • Saw Total Recall tonight.

    To avoid spoilers:

    Allusions to the original are there.

    Some things are explained in more detail, while others less.

    Casting and acting were solid.

    No Mars mission this time (although from the trailers most should know that) and some subtle differences.

  • I'm definitely looking forward to see it. Not a big Colin Farrell fan, but it still looks pretty solid.

  • Quantum of Solace/dvd
    --liked the movie....wished it was longer....

    Going to see Bourne Legacy Friday most likely.

  • All three Bourne Films /dvd
    --Still love all three.

    The Bourne Legacy / Theater
    --trying not to give spoilers but I did feel like they could have done much more with the premise listed of moving higher up the food chain in terms of programs "The Treadstone" team was involved with. Action was solid and so was Renner in being a bad ass.

    Black Panther series/ NF Stream
    --FINISHED The animated Black Panther series on Net Flix. Pretty solid cartoon in a very different visual style than most. Good voice casting and plots...wished the episodes weren't the 10-15m variety though. With the quality I saw I was surprised it didn't have more than one season.

  • The Campaign (theater)
    * Thought it was funny, typical Will Ferrel/Zach Galifinakis type of comedy.
    * The ECU jersey section was great publicity, don't think it was negative at all.

    Lawless (theater, comes out to the public on 8/31)
    * Great movie about bootlegging during the depression.
    * Not the lightest movie, but also had some comical moments.
    * Worth the price of the ticket, Tom Worthy was great as the lead character.

  • How was The Candidate overall? Closer to Anchorman or say, Talladega Nights?

    How did you see Lawless early? I just can't picture Shia Lebouf(sp?) as a gangster of that era.

  • Back to the Future I, II, and III / BR

    WOW, print of each movie is excellent. I like the first and third. The second was kind of weak sans hoverboard. I think they made it over complicated in terms of plotline.

  • http://www.darkhorizons.com/films/1381/The-Expendables-2/

    Expendables 2 Firday rockon

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  • Saw The Campaign tonight. Thought it was pretty dang funny. Good movie overall and the ECU scene was great publicity.

  • Minority Report/ BR
    --I like the movie a lot...good plot and acting... cool plot twist. But, the BR print versus the dvd print of the movie.... in some areas it stands out, in others there is a lot of digital noise in the movie.

  • Bloodsport / BR
    --It never gets old to me... one of VanDames best!

    Time Cop / BR
    --Another solid JCVD entry.

    Double Impact / dvd
    --An ok JCVD for action but nor for plot or acting LOL.