OT: The Movie Thread

OT: The Movie Thread

  • user generatedI'd forgotten just how ****ing bad this was

  • user generatedmeh

  • rotawa68 said... (original post) I'd forgotten just how ****ing bad this was

    All 3 movies in the series are great comedies.

  • I liked the old animated one well enough, I haven't seen the live action remake.

  • The Hunger Games series/BR
    --A pretty solid tale with good action and drama. Donald Sutherland really delivers as the main villain.

    Manhunter/Red Dragon/The Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal / BR
    --I just wanted to watch me some Hannibal Lecter LOL. I think Silence and Red Dragon are the best two in the series with Manhunter being a solid #3. I kind of like its mix in some ways versus the remake as Red Dragon. Hannibal, while having its moments, just didn't get the juices flowing like the others. Hannibal Rising, the arguably 5th movie in the series I didn't go back and watch this time. While not bad, that one was missing "the thing." I also liked the tv series but I didn't go back and watch that.

    National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1/ NF
    --A pretty decent lampooning comedy of the Lethal Weapons. I had totally forgotten Sam Jackson was in it.

    Desperado / Showtime
    --One of my favorite action movies.

  • Pir8TreasureNC said... (original post) I liked the old animated one well enough, I haven't seen the live action remake.

    I've never seen the animated one, and wish I could unsee the live-action one...

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  • The Happytime Murders/ Showtime
    --I've caught the beginning and close to the end of this movie in 2-3 partial viewings recently on Showtime. Man.... I get why it was in theaters one week and then bounced. Its almost the kind of bad where you don't want to watch the accident versus some other bad movies where you keep watching the accident.

  • user generatedVERY

  • user generatednot bad

  • not a movie, per se, but...

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  • user generatedI really liked this

  • user generatedsweet ****...WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • user generatedvery

  • user generatedstill very

  • Pet Sematary/BR
    --Man, I just loved this horror movie. I had no attachment to the original so I didn't get it on BR.

    Captain Marvell/BR
    --I wanted the complete MCU set and I only lacked this one. I'd put it to the mid lower tier of the movies in the group. I think there are key story point to revisit from this movie but I kind of found the Skrull/Kree/Human play on power transfers, motives for actions, and who fights for what kind of confusing to some degree but I did think the Nick Fury and Captain Marvel focus was a good move.

    John Wick 3/BR
    --#3 makes my T10 most bad **** action movies of all time easily. It will be interesting to see how they play #4. I do find some of the above and below the "high table" and the "rules of engagement" and "the consecrated grounds of the Continental Hotel" kind of equally generic but interesting and the fact that over the three out how things came to resolution at the end of #3.

    Bumblebee /BR
    --After the Bay movies I thought it was a wise play to strip out all the extraneous stuff and go G1 for character designs, cut out the token love story angle, and tone down the Sector7 comic relief. Still though, as much as I love the G1 Transformers universe I still don't get how Bumblebee is the character they fixate on. That said, I don't necessarily mind a non Optimus Prime option.

    Ghost in the Shell (live action) / BR
    --Yes, I still prefer the original animated one but I don't think this one was bad. And a lot of the subtle details made it interesting for me as a fan of the series.

    Lethal Weapon 2 and 3/BR
    --2's dig at apartheid and the hot blonde chic make it stand out to me as one of the best in the series. 3 was pretty good with the bad cops and Rene Russo's character.

    MiB International / BR
    --Not sure why this movie got the hate it did. I personally find to be the best one outside of the first one. Not a bad collection of actors in it and I think Hemsworth and ______ have great chemistry together as already evidences in Thor Ragnarok.

    Star Wars Ep1 / BR
    --Not a bad start. I love me some Darth Maul. Jar Jar was in no way as bad as Maul going out like a b* to the sword of Obi Wan. Its still tough to be Anakin as a kid.

    Star Wars Ep 2 /BR
    --I still think this was the best of the prequel trilogy.

    Star Wars Ep 3 / BR
    --It had its moments but it also had its failures. I think one of its biggest issues though was it had to end a certain way and it had to cover some major plot points to properly set the course for what we see in IV.

  • user generatednot as good as the last one, but still pretty dang good

  • user generatedpretty good

  • user generated

  • Yeah, didn't get the hate shade reviewers were throwing towards it even if I did think it had some issues.... I do get the fan service overdoing angle I saw in some reviews though...

  • Pir8TreasureNC said... (original post) Yeah, didn't get the hate shade reviewers were throwing towards it even if I did think it had some issues.... I do get the fan service ...


  • user generatedstill an all-time favorite

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  • for those who truly want to see a movie for adults (not an "adult" movie), try Frontera, with Ed Harris. Got a real story there.