Point guard play

Point guard play

  • I've watched a lot of college hoops this year. It really is everything. The obvious examples in our own backyard are Duke and UNC. Both would be pedestrian without Jones and Cole Anthony. UNC reminds of a worse version of the Duke (Austin Rivers year).

    Watched Houston lose on a buzzer beater last night to BYU. Took them awhile to realize their go to guys down the stretch, it's the FR Mills.

    We don't know how good our guys are, but in todays college hoops you need your PG to score. BTW, looking around the country I am not sure who I would say is good. The national title race is WIDE OPEN.

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  • Basketball today is not like it was 30 years ago when the big men and wing players dominated the game. Today it is about how skilled and knowledgeable a point guard is. It is not always about stats. Sometimes it is as simple as knowing where to give a guy the ball on the court. It is also about knowing where not to give a guy the ball, because in the Navy game one of those freshmen point guard gave Ludgy the ball on the left baseline about 15 feet away from the basket with the shot clock running down and of course Ludgy shot it and missed badly. Well an experienced point guard would have never given Ludgy the ball there, because they would have known that Ludgy has the shooting range of Ike Fleming, but those two freshmen point guards didn't know any better and they just passed the ball to the open man. They apparently didn't realize that there was a reason that Ludgy was open.

    I can not fault Newton or Curtis though, because they are answering the bell in every game and giving it everything they have got but there is a major learning curve between high school ball and college ball. The best case scenario would have been for ECU to have red shirted Newton and Curtis, because they could have greatly benefited from just watching the game and getting better in practices. That is another reason that it sucks that Robinson and Jackson are down right now.

  • I have said this a few times. We will see what we really are when they come back. As of right now we have SGs running the point. Their only job is to bring the ball up, not turn it over and start the offense. There is zero penetration at this time and when the shot clock runs down they cant create a open shot or drive. Those saying we are done have no clue.

  • Rotations and the announced starting 5 is the most important - according to my friend. He did not mention anything about playing without your two point guards as being relevant.

  • PirateBacker said... (original post) Rotations and the announced starting 5 is the most important - according to my friend. He did not mention anything about playing without your ...

    It is never relevant until a team is out there playing without a point guard.

  • Defense is more of a concern for me than offense right now. Our guards cant stop a soul. No one, we gave up a half dozen layups because of penetration and NO WEAKSIDE help, the same junk i saw with JD 20 years ago. I'm just talking about the first 10 of the first half too.

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  • Oh how we miss an Isaac Fleming or a Miguel Paul. Both could penetrate and create open shots for others and make something happen when the clock ran down. Our best PG option right now is Jayden Gardner.