This fall 6-foot-5 quarterback Grant Stevenson will be barking out the play calls to his teammates at Stockton (Calif.) Lincoln High School, but it was not always that easy.

Stevenson’s ability to speak was very limited still as a four-year-old and he would soon spend the majority of his childhood attending speech therapy. But he found one place where he was at peace – on the football field.

“My Dad made sure if I played football I could only play two positions: middle linebacker or quarterback - In both cases I would have to talk,” Stevenson said. “As I put my helmet on, my speech problem would go away. No pauses, stutters or words left out. No kids mimicking me making fun. I said clear in the huddle, ‘X right, twin left on two.’ But when I took my helmet off, my speech problem would come back.

“My helmet became my cape, like Superman.”

Stevenson was enrolled in speech therapy for nine years until he was 12 years old as he struggled with putting sentences together and mumbling.

He said, “It’s one of my biggest accomplishments when I was in middle school and elementary school … It made me work very hard in everything and made me try to outwork everyone.”

Stevenson’s determination was fueled by his dream to be a college quarterback and today he stands at an impressive 6-foot-5 as he gets his shot to break out as Lincoln High School’s starting quarterback in 2018. Though his opportunities were limited as a junior, his participation in several college camps has put him on many colleges’ recruiting boards.

The 2019 quarterback camped with USC, UCLA, Fresno State, San Jose State, UC Davis, Azusa Pacific and Redlands, shining at each stop. He also participated in the Elite 11 regionals and was invited for a second throwing session by Coach Matt James. Stevenson also prides himself on beating Auburn’s Jarrett Stidham and former USC quarterback Sam Darnold in an accuracy competition at Jordan Palmer’s Quarterback Summit, and winning the most accurate quarterback award at the UC Davis camp.

Of his game, Stevenson said, “Accuracy is hands-down my best attribute. Same thing with leadership, that’s a big thing too. I throw a great ball and a great deep ball. I’m a pocket passer.”

Stevenson has also idolized former Bulldog great Trent Dilfer, studying Dilfer’s teachings on the televised Elite 11 quarterback competition. Stevenson recently learned hands-on from another Bulldog quarterback in current head coach Jeff Tedford. He was one of many to participate in the Bulldogs’ camp in June, but was recognized as one of the top seven quarterbacks that got special attention from the coaching staff.

“Coach Tedford and he taught me a lot of stuff, stuff I didn’t even know after playing quarterback for so long,” Stevenson said. “I was surprised that no other quarterbacks coach or school had taught me that. It’s been helping me a lot so far. It was a great experience and I love the school.”

Along with Fresno State, the of schools he has heard from include Arizona, California, Oregon State, San Diego State, San Jose State, UCLA, UNLV, Utah State, UTEP and UTSA.