Fresno State vs SJSU: Game 2 Thread

Fresno State vs SJSU: Game 2 Thread

  • Bulldogs are at full strength. 5-10 minutes until tip-off.

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  • Same starting lineup as Game 1: Hill/Harding/Holland/Gray/Robinson

  • Bulldogs yet to score: 4-0 SJSU lead with 15:55 in the first half.

  • Coach Hut swaps in Stroud, Campbell and Meah in for Harding, Holland and Gray at the timeout. Gray sank two free throws before coming out.

    4-2 SJSU.

  • Stroud with an and-one, ties it up 6-6.

    Gage comes in for Hill. Robinson is the only starter on the floor. 13:04 in the first half.

  • Meah picks up two quick fouls, Bulldogs will go back to Gray.

  • Jordan Campbell with a physical drive through the lane and finishes - he's got 4.

    Bulldogs up 14-8 with 10:25 in the half.

  • Please try Whittiker as no one can shoot on this team. Meah changed the momentum even though he got two quick fouls. I thought 1 was very tacky.

  • Ballard gets a big 3 to fall, that puts Fresno State up 25-16 with 5:27 to go.

  • Strouds on Fire

  • A Spartan (Simmons) goes down with injury. SJSU would be down to nine active players and an eight-man rotation if he can't return.

    36-20 Bulldogs lead with 3:05 in the half.

  • Halftime: Fresno State 41, SJSU 25. Robinson has only 2 points. Stroud leading with 14, Campbell with 10.

  • The FS bench has scored 30 points while the starters have only scored 11 points. The team can not shoot FT's or it would be a blow out. Again, the fact the team does not shoot FT's well is not a good sign. It certainly points to a lot of guys who are not good shooters.

  • Great advantage when other guys are scoring because Robinson is getting doubled. Great progress by the team. They just need to hit free throws.

  • Campbell having another good start to this game. Again I love his energy and tenacity on defense which is leading to fast break points. Stroud hitting them 3’s are going to open up Orlando on the inside.

  • Hut starts Campbell at the 3 instead of Holland. Stroud will also come in for Harding after just a minute.

    I don't think I've seen the team in rhythm once this season when using the 3/4/5 lineup of Holland/Gray/Robinson. Hope we continue to see Holland remain as a stretch-four with this year's team.

    Bulldogs lead 44-30 with 18 minutes to go.

  • Big O for trey, Dogs up 20!

  • Two more 3's in a row. Dogs shooting nice right now!

  • Campbell already with a career high. Stroud soon to follow in their young Bulldog careers. Orlando looked smooth on that trail 3 pointer. Nice!

  • Holland is not performing so less PT. Hopefully siting will get him straightened out.

  • Robinson had only 2 points at halftime. Now he's already up to 11.

    Bulldogs up 59-38 with 12:10 to go.

  • Boom!

  • Right now I love this lineup. Hill, Robinson, Meah, Stroud, Campbell

  • Bulldogs up 77-49 with 4:27 to go. Assane Diouf will enter the game.

  • JacksonMoore said... (original post)Bulldogs up 77-49 with 4:27 to go. Assane Diouf will enter the game.

    Colimerio and Whitaker also both in the game.

  • Here comes Alec Hickman. The Bulldog bench roars as Hut calls him in.