Pending transfer waivers

Pending transfer waivers

  • This is an insightful report by Stadium. They list approved college basketball transfer waivers for conferences and teams.

    They list pending college basketball transfer waivers for every college basketball team.

    They also have a waiver denied list.

    They list Hill and Stroud with pending waivers, but they don't list Ballard.

    That answers the question if Fresno State actually applied for waivers? Fresno State apparently did apply for two waivers.

    I think not applying for a waiver for Ballard is a good thing. Fresno State shouldn't waste one of Ballard's last two years on a makeshift year.

    This is in the hands of the NCAA now just waiting for Hill and Stroud to get their waivers approved.

    The Mountain West West has a total of three transfer waivers approved thus far.

    Side note former Bulldog Mustafa Lawrence had his transfer waiver approved.
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  • I feel this is a wasted season so better to load up with players eligible for a normal season. Dogs have great talent but they need a bit more maturing to compete for ships.

  • If Stroud does not get a transfer waver he loses a year either way. He has already used his redshirt year at UTEP. I am not going to write this year off I believe Gage could possibly be a difference maker. He is a mature player that has played at a high level. If he stays healthy may be able to lead this team to some success.

  • Americanbulldog said... (original post)If Stroud does not get a transfer waver he loses a year either way. He has already used his redshirt year at UTEP. I am not going to write t...

    American I have not followed the BB recruiting as much this year. However, I like the young freshman from Chicago like I did Likele. Just something about his demeanor and what he does that resonates with me.

    The MWC seems to be implying that BB will be a Spring Sport. I think what they do with BB will depend on what happens with football. I believe football is the test package.

    Indoor events are far less likely to have fans in the stands. I wish that was not the case. That is the result of the nature of the virus. I would also add the closeness of the seating and air conditioning systems are a huge concern as well.

  • There is still over a hundred college basketball transfer waivers pending a decision.

    Practice can officially start on October 14 and games can officially start November 25.

    Transfers can practice with the team, but will they have their transfer waiver status addressed before November 25th?

    The clock is ticking.

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  • Who does the NCAA have working on this? One intern? Especially in this COVID-19 season, they may as well just mostly be rubber stamping these things...

  • stacy johnson klein is helping us here according to CNN

  • Here's an interesting story on a transfer waiver that was denied.

    Apparently, if the school that a player is transferring from doesn't support the waiver that often leads to a waiver being denied.

    In this story the coach and administration were caught in a lie.

    The reporter was able to view this player's transfer waiver request form and the school's transfer waiver response letter.

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  • Interesting note

  • MWC Basketball willl occur in spring semester so it’s not a winter sport. So pending eligibility rule may not apply. It’s a mess so who knows what is going to happen.

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