What was Wyoming doing?

What was Wyoming doing?

  • I am glad FS won this game and FS did improve in a lot of areas. Robinson certainly had a game many expected him to have on many nights.

    FS has won a conference game, so I was wrong they might not win another game.

    However, one has to be cautious, because Wyoming played a style of defense which is conducive to FS's offensive style of play. Tonight Coach Q was shaking his head with respect to what the Wyoming coach was thinking. He could not understand his strategy given how they played the 1st night against FS.

    There is no question that Wyoming did not follow the CSU footprint. If FS can show they can play against a team that plays that style of defense, then fans can feel more comfortable about what this team could be at the end of the season. FS also hit their FT's and that was another important aspect of what happened tonight.

    3 point shooting as to improve. I hope it does.

    Coach Q just said who in their right mind would not double team Orlando. Well the Wyoming coach did not double Robinson and the result was an FS win. He said nobody is going to play Robinson one on one the rest of the season. The Wyoming coach gave FS a gift.

    San Jose is next and they will play more like CSU defensively. How will that play out for FS will be the real question.

    A great win for the team and it breaks the ice as they say. I hope fans see more improvement in the game. It will be necessary if FS is going to win that game.