When will 2021 Schedule come out?

When will 2021 Schedule come out?

  • And will fans be able to attend?

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  • I weould expect a statement that Beiden Field will not allow fans all season but I expect the schedule to come out. Volleyball and Wrestling just came out with their spring schedules recently.

  • We should expect something soon I would think.

  • Like this schedule. On the off chance any of the california teams allow fans and the virus is spreading less rapidly, there are some good short road trips in the schedule.

  • Is that the complete schedule? I only count 46 games. Shouldn’t it be closer to 55?

  • MW is limiting teams to 46 games this year, and 36 are conference games. Going to be a very different year, especially with the absence of Friday night games.

  • Thank you for the clarification. I knew about the absence of Friday night games, but I was unaware the conference had imposed a 46-game limit.