Fresh off his commitment to Georgetown, 4-star point guard James Akinjo (Salesian Prep/Richmond, CA) is ready to get started on the Hilltop. Hoyas247 got to ask him some questions about his recruitment by Georgetown, and what Hoya fans can expect next year when he dons the blue and gray.

What sold you on Georgetown?

It was great. Patrick Ewing is a great guy, I really got to know him, and my grandma loves him. It was great. I played with the team in the open gym and so I've seen them play a lot and I've been watching a lot of film. So I feel like I can come in and contribute with everything that I do right away.

What did he tell you about the way he wants to play as a team and how he wants to use you specifically?

He wants to play fast, you know, a lot of pick-and-rolls, and that's what I'm best at, when we get up and down. He wants to play exactly how I want to play, so that's really big.

You mentioned pick-and-roll being a strength of yours. What do you consider to be your other strengths, and what do you feel you need to improve on?

My strengths are my ball-handling skills, obviously. I can create and get where ever I want to on the floor. I can shoot the ball really well from three. I'm a winner. I just win at every level, you know, so I just want to keep getting better at my leadership skills, on and off the court. Just learn how to lead off the court and not only on the court.

Mac McClung is the other guard recruit in the 2018 class that will be joining you. Did Coach Ewing talk to you about how you two could fit together on the court, playing at the same time?

Oh yeah, for sure. I'm used to playing with another good guard. I played with Kihei Clark [Oakland Soldiers AAU teammate and Virginia commit] and we won a championship together. So yeah, he feels we can work well together and play together at the same time. He says there can be a lot of guards in the backcourt, and just run, get out and run and make our teammates better.

You de-committed from UCONN previously. Do you feel that UCONN and Georgetown have any similarities?

I think they have a lot in common. Obviously the coaching staff. Patrick Ewing came from the NBA so he has a lot of [experience] and so does Coach Ollie. I feel like the same relationship was there with my family, you know, my grandma and my family, with the coach. Ollie is a great guy. I still talk to him. He really connected with my grandma and me, and Ewing did the same thing when I went on my visit, so it was great.

What NBA players do you look up to? Do you consider your skillset to be similar to any particular player?

I don't really compare myself to anybody but myself. I just try to be myself to the best of my ability. I like a lot of guards; I watch all the good guards in the NBA-- you just name them and I'll watch them. I just try to take basic things from everyone's game and try to put it in my own.

Some have called you the most important Georgetown recruit in years. Do you feel any added pressure that comes along with a label like that?

I don't feel any pressure at all. This is what I live for. My whole life I've kind of been under the radar, but not anymore. A lot of people know who I am, coming off a great Peach Jam run. But it don't change anything. I'm still going to come out, I'm still going to look to kill every time I step on the court. I'm just going to come out and win. I'm a winner.

Do you have anything you'd like to say to Hoya fans who are eager to see you put on a Georgetown uniform and get started on the Hilltop?

We're about to have a great year. Just be ready. Come show support, because we're going to have a great year. We're going to win a lot of games.