***Atlanta Braves running thread

***Atlanta Braves running thread

  • Tyler Flowers!!!!

  • Big 2 run double from Dansby!

    And now Rio with a 2 run Shot to give us the lead!!

  • TroubleDawg13 said... (original post)

    Big 2 run double from Dansby!

    And now Rio with a 2 run Shot to give us the lead!!

    I don't think Rio is a long term option at 3B but it's been fun the last few days to see him and Dans play well

  • Bases loaded with no outs and we don't get a run....ouch

  • Vintage Dickey last night.... maybe there is hope.

  • Big RBI double by Dansby

  • Vizciano blows!!!!

  • Dansby again!!!

  • Take a look at this Diamondback field grass. They might as well be playing in the neighborhood court over there. That's pitiful. Someone should get the axe.

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  • Welp. What do you hope to see from the Braves in the final portion of the season?

    Should they bring up all the young guys and tank for a better draft spot?

    Should we fight hard to win and drop 3-4 draft spots like we did last year?

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  • Braves initial Spring Training game is today at 1pm against the Mets. Travel roster includes:

    Infield: Ozzie Albies, Dansby Swanson, Johan Camargo, Christian Colon, Ray-Patrick Didder, Sean Kazmar, Austin Riley, Rio Ruiz

    Outfield: Lane Adams, Cristian Pache, Dustin Peterson, Danny Santana

    Catchers: William Contreras, Kade Scivicque, Alex Jackson, Rob Brantley

    Pitchers: Matt Wisler (starter), Jesse Biddle, Rex Borthers, Sam Freeman, Anyelo Gomez, Josh Graham, Adam McCreery, Akeel Morris, Miguel Socolovich, Chase Whitley

    Should be nice to see a few innings of Dansby, Ozzie, and Johan playing together in the infield. Likely is our starting infield on OD save Freeman, of course. Personally, the other guys I'd like to see an inning or two plus an AB or two from are Austin Riley, Ray-Patrick Didder, Dustin Peterson, Cristian Pache, Alex Jackson, William Contreras, and Kade Scivicque.

    As for pitching, it's a pretty mixed bag but I'm curious to see what we have in Anyelo Gomez, the Rule 5 draftee we got this offseason. Would also like to see innings from AKeel, McCreery, Whitley, and Biddle primarily. Will be interesting to see if Wisler has anything new in his arsenal or a refinement to any of his previous stuff. Would be interesting to see if he quite throwing that terrible 2-seamer and goes back to his original 4-seam as his main FB. He needs to have a huge ST if he wants to even be in the discussion for a future bullpen spot in Atlanta, to be honest.

  • Acuna

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  • Mutada?