Message board guidelines

Message board guidelines


    NO PERSONAL ATTACKS BETWEEN MEMBERS: I encourage discussion, debate, disagreement but refrain from personal attacks on each other. No one cares about junior-high like squabbles and it only discourages people from coming to the boards. We have no tolerance for thin-skinned personal beefs or trolling. If certain members become constant problems, the moderators have permission to temporarily or permanently ban users from the boards

    NO PERSONAL ATTACKS ON PLAYERS or COACHES: Debate about a player's strengths/weaknesses, etc., whether a coach is making the right decision or employing the right tactics. But no personal attacks are allowed.

    NO "TROLLING": There will be some negativity on a message board about an athletic program, but please do not derail every discussion or topic with an offensive or negative post just in an effort to provoke reaction and take away from the actual discussion.

    NO VULGARITY: No curse words or any vulgar posts, images, videos, etc.

    CREDIT SOURCES: Do not copy and paste an entire story onto the boards. Provide a link to the source.

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