Mizzou on the Schedule in the 2030's Decade

Mizzou on the Schedule in the 2030's Decade

  • Talk About Advanced Planning.....

    The Illinois-Missouri rivalry is going to be a more regular occurrence in the future. The two schools have agreed to another four-game series, this one scheduled for the 2030s........

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  • I need to make sure I live that long because beating Mizzou is a great day.

  • It's been so long that I barely remember it. lol

  • I have mixed feelings. I have been to many Illini/Mizzou games, but few were Illinois victories. The programs appear to be going in different directions now, and as much as I would love to see the Illini beat them, it really hurts, in more ways than one, to lose to them. For one thing, the Illini need to have a bigger recruiting presence in the STL metro area, and losing to Mizzou doesn't help in that regard.

  • Glad to see a renewal of this series. We need a true rival and Missouri is taiolor made. Adjacent state. Both recruit St. Louis. B1G vs. SEC. Natural dislike. My son and I traveled from Atlanta to St. Louis for past games. Will be my son, grandsons and I for the next. Glad to see home and home. Missouri always had the advantage in St. Louis.

  • Yep, glad to see it happen. When is the series supposed to resume? Is it 2023?

  • 2026 I think