• Yeah I know! It's Sunday, it's drizzling in San Diego and I'm waiting it out to go run.

    Noticed that 2 former Illini are on rosters. Jeylen Dunlop and Gimel President. Any other players who stand out or could make it in the NFL. I see several college stars and some QB's and even a 2nd team former all pro punter on rosters.


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  • President has made a few plays for the Battlehawks. Hope they hang on to win.

  • Bye Bye XFL! We hardly knew ya. No season in 2021

  • No season ever again !

    They were not going to make it covid19 or not.

    Did any of you notice the stands at ALL the games. Pretty much empty.

    Not a good product.

    Big Bob in Brandon

  • XFL will most likely be back as a D League for the NFL.

    St. Louis home games were sold out. Admittedly only the lower bowl was available for sale.