North Dakota Prediction Thread

North Dakota Prediction Thread

  • This is the prediction thread for the 3rd game of the season against North Dakota on November 14, 2018 at Rupp. The rules and procedures are available through a link on the prediction summary page.

    In addition to posting predictions in this thread, I will accept predictions by IM for those members who are not able to post inside the thread. To participate in the IM method however, you must request that status in an IM to me no later than kick off for the first game of the season. At that point, the members who may participate by IM posting will freeze for the remainder of the season. Last season, six members participated using IM's. You must re-register for the 2018-19 basketball season.



    Your prediction must include a score for each team, and you must verify that I have entered your prediction correctly using the following links. While I strive to record predictions accurately, I do make errors. It is each individual player’s responsibility to verify that I have entered his prediction correctly.

    Use the following links to view the Prediction Summary Table and to verify that I have entered your prediction correctly. If you see an error in the table, please notify me either with a post in this thread or with an IM. If the error is identified prior to the game, it is very easy to correct, BUT once the game is finished, and I have updated the cumulative standings to include that game, I cannot simply fix an otherwise simple error. Therefore it is essential to correct all data entry errors prior to the game.

    You may change your prediction at any time prior to kick off. However, if you do change your prediction, do so with a new post in this thread (or a new IM if you are an approved IM player). Do Not attempt to change your prediction by editing your original post in this thread because I will not be reviewing any posts for edits once I enter a prediction into the system.

    Finally, visit the gateway to the 2018-19 season often using the following link:

    Good luck to all, and let's break all record for participation this season!!!!!

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  • UK 84
    ND 62

  • 90-60

  • UK - 86
    nd - 60

  • 81-69 Cats

  • UK 85

  • UK 78
    ND 62

  • UK 89
    ND 66

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  • UK 80
    NDU Fighting Hawks 73

  • If we don’t win by at least 20, then this team played with no heart.

  • wildcatfan35 said... (original post)

    If we don’t win by at least 20, then this team played with no heart.

    How much heart have you seen in their last 4 games?

  • Game day!

  • 3 1/2 hours to tip off

  • ukalum1988 said... (original post)

    UK - 79

    Fighting Sioux- 59

    Posted by IM

  • Congratulations wildcatfan35