Alec Baldwin a homophobe in addition to being a racist

Alec Baldwin a homophobe in addition to being a racist

  • Why are Democrats like him so angry and filled with hate?

    Alec Baldwin goes on Twitter rant after wife

    Alec Baldwin is angry. Really f%#@ angry. The s funeral.

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  • Fascinating stuff. What's Miley Cyrus up to today Beaumont?

  • From the douche that started the Paula Deen post LOL

  • Doesn't it just drive Connies nuts that when a Liberal says somthing stupid, they get let off the hook simply because they are a Liberal? The fact that they wonder why Republicans get slammed for something simlar is amusing.

  • Nobody "wonders" why this double-standard exists. The claim that liberals are tolerant has long been debunked

  • Typical

  • lol No kidding.

    Baldwin is one of the lib actor heros. He also fears Michelle

  • speaking of Paula Deen, did you eat her?

  • Baldwin is funny but he's a big dumbass -- just like every other Baldwin brother.

  • GusSchtick s a real busy little troll.

  • GRR - You see a lot of yourself in Alec Baldwin and his short fuse, eh?

  • As an actual person the guy seems completely full of himself....and is likely a tool, but for a certain kind of character he is a hilarious actor.

  • I think he is a great actor. Glengarry Glen Ross - classic speech.

  • roflmao

  • This article sums it up nicely. It's unfortunate Anderson Cooper is only questioning this now, but since it hits close to home with him I guess better late than never.....will he have fortitude to address this issue on his own show? Doubtful

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  • Nobody "wonders why". Everyone knows why. But not everyone will admit it.

  • It was Cooper who started the "tea bagger" slur.

  • It's OK now everyone. He apologized and is back to being a non-racist, non-homophobic, non-mysogenistic liberal in good standing.

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  • I just don't get anyone going off like that. It makes little sense to me. When he throttles up the anger index all he is doing is sending a message that a journalist has impacted him. So what? Take it to the guys boss, take it public as well, but when you come off like a clown, very few hear the message, they only pay attention to the messenger.

    Now this poor bastard has to apologize for defending his wife and that must be maddening. I guess he has it coming, but how easy would it have been to not be in this position?