WICHITA, Kan. -- Michigan forward Moritz Wagner has acquired the title of a 'villain' amongst rival circles in the Big Ten Conference.

His actions after the Wolverines walked away with a buzzer-beating victory over Houston would show he is exactly the opposite of a villain, someone who has care and compassion for other human beings. Even if his place often times has zero regard for human life.

In the middle of the pandemonium after freshman Jordan Poole's made bucket, Wagner stopped what he was doing mid-celebration and took a moment to console a weeping Corey Davis Jr., an incredible sign of sportsmanship. Wagner knows what it feels like to be a part of crushing defeats, so his heart went out to Davis on Saturday night.

"With [Davis Jr.], I think he is a senior, too, right? All of them are seniors they are pretty old," Wagner said. "Seeing the guys like that, at the end of the day sports is all love. I have feelings for both sides. It's very emotional and this group is special."

Though Wagner will cast off his actions as something he would always do, the cameras were able to catch a rare moment of incredible sportsmanship between two fierce competitors. Wagner, who is fiery and passionate while play, also shows his compassionate side once the game ends.

Simply enough, if Poole doesn't make the shot, he's in his shoes.

"First of all you have to give a lot of credit to Houston," Wagner said. "What they did defensively was really, really good. They held us to 64 points and they were in their with all of their hearts. I have a lot of respect for the way they played. At the end of the day, you're only human, you know? Seeing people like this, it's a weird feeling. For an emotional guy like me, I knew if [Jordan Poole] doesn't make that shot it's us laying on the floor. You've got to appreciate both sides."