When it came down to it DJ Turner’s decision on which college he’ll attend came down to relationships. And while the Suwanee (Ga.) North Gwinnett standout had made strong connections at schools like Clemson, Notre Dame, and Florida, his strongest bonds were forged at Michigan. That much made clear when he announced his commitment to the Wolverines this afternoon.

“Every time I went there it just got better and better,” Turner told The Michigan Insider. “It never dropped off. It never made me look back and say, ‘well, I wonder if I should (go to school here).’ I went up there four times and none of that ever happened. The relationship with the coaches got better and better every single time. I love all of them. Coach Partridge and Coach Brown were there together when they offered me. After I went up on my first visit, Coach Z and I (began) connecting and have had a good relationship ever since. We all just connected so easily, and it’s just so easy to talk to them. I have a good relationship with all the coaches (including) Coach Harbaugh.”

“Nothing ever happened for me to even consider second-guessing it. And the defense really fits me as a corner. They press-man corner most of the time, and that's all I want to do."

The extreme comfort Turner feels with Michigan is no surprise considering the number of times he’d been there. His primary recruiter in Ann Arbor, Chris Partridge, made sure he had already seen everything he needed to see, and discussed everything that needed to be discussed. The biggest difference in latest trip was the extended time he had with his future teammates. The bonds on those fronts were taken to another level.

Drew Singleton and Josh Ross were my hosts, and I already knew Joe Milton because the last time I pretty much stayed with him,” Turner reported. “And then I connected with Ambry Thomas and Nico (Collins), Cesar (Ruiz)… he went to IMG (Academy) and I’m going, so I talked to him. And Brad (Hawkins). Those are the main people I was with the entire time.”

“It was just like a family. All of them were on defense, but then I talked to Tarik Black and got the other side of the story, and everybody just said, 'it’s like a family here.' They just really enjoy it and they’re glad that they decided to go there.”

That the players made Turner feel so much a part of their football family was further confirmation that he’d made the right choice. It also brought additional certainty to his parents who had already themselves settled on Michigan as the best fit.

"They were really happy because the main thing they kept on telling me was make sure the school you go to has a good education,” Turner said. “Michigan has a really good education. The business school there is really good and I am probably going to go into business and Ross Business School. They were really happy when I decided to go to Michigan. Then my family has a good relationship with the coaches as well. My parents, my sister… everybody. All of them enjoyed going up there more than once. My parents have been up there four times and my sister has been up there three. Everyone just really enjoyed it and was happy with this decision."

The same can be said for his fellow Georgian and now future classmate, Chris Hinton.

“We’ve been friends since the first grade,” said Turner. “That’s my dog. On the visit everything we did seemed like it was together. Same flight, and he was about three doors down in the hotel. Now we’re going up there together.”

To date Hinton has been one of the more active class members in trying to help lure others into the Maize & Blue fold. Now that Turner is firmly in, he plans to join in the effort.

“We've got to get the number one recruiting class in the country now,” said Turner. “ I’ll probably (reach out to) David Ojabo, Aeneas (Dicosmo), and Zach Harrison. But those are the people I can think of on the top of my head."