2020 Recruiting

2020 Recruiting

  • It's getting close to the first signing period, so thought it might be useful to discuss where we're at in recruiting under Howard.


    G Zeb Jackson - Zeb is a top 100 recruit, originally from Maumee, OH but now playing at an academy down in Florida. He was committed to Michigan under Beilein and has stayed with that commitment through a new coach. I don't think he's the kind of guy that's going to take the reins of the offense as a freshman, but as he gets older and stronger he's going to be a very good PG. Could potentially play the 2, but needs to work on his spot up shooting. Great start to the class.


    F Isaiah Todd - perimeter forward with lots of skill. Former top 5 recruit, but now top 10. Doesn't mean he wouldn't be a huge get. He's down to Michigan and Kansas and is deciding on October 17. Rumors that he could end up overseas, so even if we get a commitment, don't consider it rock solid til he gets on campus. Still, you take him even if it's 50/50 he sticks with the commitment. Things are trending toward him being the first 2020 commit under Howard (Zeb committed under JB).

    SG Moses Moody - top 50 guard that would be more of a wing if JB were the coach. Not a primary ball handler, but he's a good shooter and slasher. Down to us, Arkansas and Kansas. Another recruit where we can feel solid about our position.

    G Nimari Burnett - He's one of my favorite recruits in the class. Combo guard with the ability to run the offense. Looks like it's between us and Bama. He's not deciding til the winter, so we've got some time. Commitments from Todd and Moody would certainly make Michigan more appealing. Wants to run the offense from day 1 wherever he goes.

    G Joshua Christopher - If you haven't watched highlights of this kid, I suggest doing so. Alot of fun to watch. His top 5 is a bit potpourri and isn't your typical final 5 of Kansas, Kentucky, UNC, Duke etc. He's not deciding til the spring I believe and he's been trending toward UCLA. Who knows with him. He's a recruit you take if he wants to come, but don't count on him being part of your class. Get commitments from others and if he comes - awesome.

    C Hunter Dickinson - Traditional big man and I mean BIG MAN. Over 7' tall. He's not a stretch big man like Wagner or Castleton. Not as quick laterally or the passer that Teske is. Think more like Isaac Haas. Not my favorite style of big man, but he should be a multiyear college player and would be a complement to Castleton if he ends up in AA. Down to us, Duke, Florida St and Notre Dame. Notre Dame was an early favorite and he's visiting them next week. However, they already have a commitment from a C, although it's a lower rated one. Don't sleep on FSU. They have a good track record with big men. Duke wants to take two C in this class. Their other main target is Mark Williams (discussed below), but I don't know if Dickinson wants to be second fiddle at the position.

    C Mark Williams - More athletic rim runner type of C. More NBA potential than Dickinson. I'd prefer him over Dickinson, but I think he's less likely. It's between us and Duke. If Williams commits to Duke before Dickinson, I think our chances with Hunter goes way up. If Dickinson commits to Duke before Williams, I'm going to be nervous about our C recruiting because I don't think a Dickinson commitment has as big of an impact on Williams as the reverse does. If that makes sense.

    G Jaden Springer - Solid combo guard. Very athletic. Tennesse is the heavy favorite. Memphis is in on it as well and he did enjoy his visit to Michigan. But it would be shocking for him to end up anywhere but Knoxville.

    W Jace Howard - Juwan's son. Forgone conclusion he's part of this class. He has some midmajor offers. He's a role player that could play a more significant role as an upperclassman. No problem with taking him as you need 4 year guys next to your one-or- two and dones.

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  • Todd committed to the good guys tonight. Massive get

  • Would be something to see Howard take over with a class comparable to the Fab Five.