Battle 4 Atlantis

Battle 4 Atlantis

  • another big answer to another good team. I'm liking what JH is getting out of this team. Teske/Livers/Brooks have all stepped up from last year

  • that's an impressive run! Nice job boys!

  • Championsssss

  • Last two winners of Battle 4 Atlantis won the national title. ;)

  • I was 90% in on JH as coach when the season started. after watching this run and his interview afterwards i'm 100% in.

  • Unranked my ****. We had enough coming back to be one of the top 25.

  • bolekaja said... (original post) Unranked my ****. We had enough coming back to be one of the top 25.

    I can see why we weren’t ranked. Lost 40ppg from last year. Our best defender. The best head coach in program history. Hired a first time HC. Only one incoming player. Unknowns beyond starting C, PG and a wing.

    But we will be ranked now.

  • I knew this was going to happen all the way.... ;)

  • Gonzaga started the 2nd half on a 11-2 run and we responded with a 21-4 run to essentially put the game away with 11 min to go.

    Not even 4 weeks ago this was the same team that let a 30-point 2nd half lead against App State get down to 4 points. What amazing work Coach Howard has done with this team in such short time.

  • The team defense is very polished. Come Monday this is a top ten team.

  • Holy !@#$. What a start to the year! Amazing! Go Blue!

  • I was on the fence with JH, but i think it's clear he hired some good people and is a fun coach to play for. Recruiting shouldnt be an issue going forward when you have guys like D Wade praising JH

  • Not that it matters this early...but I see Lunardi has us on the 1 line in his latest bracketology.

  • Jumped all the way to #4!?!?!? Holy crap! I think it’s a bit of an over reaction, but cool to see. Now the Louisville game is 1v4

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  • This is amazing. Has to be great for recruiting.