Izzo doesn’t get his way...

Izzo doesn’t get his way...

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  • I love that he made himself look like a total D-bag over this.

    However, I totally agree that the NCAA is a joke with waivers. I really wish they would enforce it like, 90% of the time, but it seems like they grant them with respect to every major recruit no matter how ******* their excuse.

  • I get he is probably frustrated with the inconsistency of the application of the waivers. I'm not sure why some get greenlit and some don't. However, he's been in vocal opposition of transfer rules where players don't have to sit out a year. He was against the grad transfer rule (though he took advantage of it). He's against a policy that Harbaugh advocates for in one free transfer.

  • I can see his frustration. The people on that board remake the rules to benefit their teams. Most rulings recently are all about giving the big money schools what they want, and not based on what's fair. Maybe Hauser should have claimed that someone made a racist comment toward him. Perhaps the transfer would have been granted :(

    Just like everything else corruption is ruining college sports.