Louisville game thread

Louisville game thread

  • Line closed at Michigan +6. Let's see how this goes...

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  • Both teams are brick city right now, defenses are making things tough

  • Gonna get ugly if we don’t start hitting something

  • Wagner needs to sit, he is a mistake machine, on both sides of the floor

  • Not pretty, I don't mind losing this game but I don't want to get blown out and make everyone jump off the bandwagon just as fast as they got on

  • Well down only 10, if we figure how to make shots we can be in this real quick.

  • corby78 said... (original post) Well down only 10, if we figure how to make shots we can be in this real quick.

    Totally. We're shooting 20% from 2 and 17% from 3. The fact that we're in this game speaks volumes about our D.

  • it looked like we had made the right adjustments coming out of the half but it's trending in the wrong way again...

  • This is really ugly. Is this even the same team that won the Bahama tournament?

  • They look completely confused on offense, and when they do get a shot it’s a complete brick. Wagner continues to be a weak link

  • Question: Can you beat the #1 team in the country shooting 25% from 2 and 14% from 3?
    Answer: ...let's find out.

  • Welp, it was fun while it lasted. Everybody screenshot the latest bracketology of us as a 1 seed.

  • Positives: #1 team on the road, worst shooting I've maybe ever seen and we stayed with them. I don't know how we didn't get blown out, but we didn't. To me that speaks volumes of how we kept working and fought, and how we made life hard for them as well. Props to the guys for not just giving up on a bad night. Teske struggled too, but he continues to be a factor on both sides of the court. We have Oregon at home, but we won't have a challenge like this again until MSU in a month.

    Negatives: Simpson continues to throw the ball away like he is showing off at the neighborhood park. He needs to be smarter. Livers looked like he couldn't see the rim to know where to shoot. Off day for him for sure. Johns looked like he didn't belong on the court, really looked slow and unsure of himself. Wagner.... if he wasn't turning the ball over, he was letting his man drive around him, or letting his man get an offensive board. He is really a liability right now. I will not get too hard on him, he has only a couple college games under his belt, but man he needs to get better.

  • I’m gonna chalk this up as us being sluggish after playing 4 games in, what, 6 days?

  • ChiTownMichiganFan said... (original post) I’m gonna chalk this up as us being sluggish after playing 4 games in, what, 6 days?

    This and imma add look we weren’t sharp...this is the #1 team in the country and it was just one of those deals. We play a lot better at home or on a neutral site against that team.

  • tough loss, but losing on the road to the #1 after playing in the Bahamas wasn't totally unexpected... as mentioned 4 games in 6 days was going to sap their energy. Just didn't seem like they had their legs under them tonight.

    sometimes losing provides a good teaching opportunity for the staff and the players.

  • We played one of the worst offensive games I've seen a Michigan team play and we lost by 15. If this game was played next week, I think it's a tossup. But we just got back from the Bahamas and a holiday weekend. First road game as well. Rough offensive start made the environment really bad.

    Livers needs to be more decisive. He held the ball too much when he got it. He's not going to break his man down off the dribble so when he gets it, he needs to decide to shoot, pass or drive quickly. Whenever he tried to run the PnR or dribble around, I was waiting for a turnover.

    Franz had a rough game, but you can absolutely see the quality player he is going to be. What I like is that his issues are his mistakes. Opponents aren't forcing him to play bad. He's just mishandling passes or trying to do too much. His first four college games - after missing quality practice time and games for a month - were all against high quality teams that will be in the tournament - Iowa St, UNC, Gonzaga and Louisville. Hard to ease your way in against that competition. But there's a reason why he's playing as much as he is.

    Teske was most of the offense tonight. Struggled quite a bit with efficiency and dealing with double teams. Gotta work on that. Rushed his jump hook too often as well.

    I worry about playing really good defensive teams like this because Simpson is the only player that seems to be able to get into the lane. Franz will in time, but he just needs to continue to play and get used to this level.

    Forgot to mention that the defense was pretty good overall. Nwora is a load. But it took him 23 FG to get to 22 points. I'll take that.

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