Michigan vs Montana

Michigan vs Montana

  • Initial thoughts, Teske will be a mismatch all game, he looks giant compared to his man.

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  • Defense has been fine. Allowing too many 3s for my liking, though Minnesota shoots a ton of 3s.

    Offense is just short on shots. Getting open looks.

  • *sigh* This offense...

  • What a size advantage. Keep exploiting it. A few sloppy turnovers. Keep going inside to Teske, Livers and Matthews.

  • ChiTownMichiganFan said... (original post)

    *sigh* This offense...

    I think it’s been mostly fine. Getting good looks. We’ve just been short on almost every jump shot save Teske and Brooks’ 3s, and Iggy’s long2.

  • That #1 is a little spaz out there

  • Please tell Z to quit turning it over.

  • corby78 said... (original post)

    That #1 is a little spaz out there

    He looks like a white trash steph curry.

  • The offense is looking stagnant. Good thing Montana isnt making any shots.

  • Ugly sloppy basketball by both teams. Glad Montana sucks

  • Nice to see Charles rolling.

  • Good game all around for the most part for the good guys. Looks like Matthews maybe becoming Mr. March? But what I liked the most was that we actually exploited our advantage with Teske being guarded by a midget compared to him. Wish we would have done that more against a certain team. Oh well, onto Saturday!

  • salient48 said... (original post)

    Nice to see Charles rolling.

    Yup but it's really not that surprising. Matthews plays his best ball vs non-B1G teams. Hopeful he can keep it going for 5 more games?