Red Raider fan here

Red Raider fan here

  • Hope it’s ok to come and post here. I was wondering since y’all have played both us and MSU how y’all think our game with them will go? Do y’all think we have a chance against them? Thanks in advance for y’all thoughts and comments. I come in peace.

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  • First, I will be a TT fan this Saturday. Second, you absolutely have a chance against them if you continue to play the way you have. They are a resilient team and no matter how well you are playing, they will not give up. The guy you guys have to control is Sparty’s point guard, Cassius Winston. He is the heart and soul of that team. Slow him down and you win. One thing that Winston hasn’t had to deal with is foul trouble. They are a very good defensive team so you will have to be patient and exploit mismatches, something we(Michigan did a very poor job at). They are talented but that’s not their strength ImO. They have a lot of experience and leadership so they won’t get rattled. If your team plays like they did against, you have a great chance for a W. I just fear that your inexperience in this situation could be a big factor.

  • Thank you for the response. One thing I am worried about is complacency. Our first FF, last year was our first E8. I honestly hope the moment is not to big for our guys. With that said I also believe in Coach Beard and believe he will have them ready. I think we have a punchers chance, going to boil down to how our bench does. During the Conzaga game when our bench came in and started hitting shots I knew then. I will say this, UM fans have been a lot more classy than those pricks over at MSU. JIMMYNY CHRISTMAS

  • As has been stated, stop Cassius, stop MSU. But he's damn good so it's not that easy. I would be aggressive against him when you're on offense. He's their weakest defender. Whoever he is guarding should be moving alot on offense to try and wear him down. On defense, the ball screen with Tillman or Goins and Cassius. Goins will pick and pop, Tillman will take your guard down low if you switch. Cassius can spot the mismatches very well. He's just got great vision and sense for the game. You have to recover fast. McQuaid is a great shooter, so make sure you're closing out well on him. Henry isn't the most skilled at this point, but he's a solid shooter and will go after offensive rebounds. Their bench is deep in the post. Ward as a 6th man is a good option. When he's in the game, draw him out to the perimeter. He doesn't move well and will get lost on cuts and drives.

    Like Texas Tech, MSU allows a good amount of 3 pointers, but teams shoot poorly against them. I think whoever makes the key baskets wins, much like the Duke-MSU game. My money would be on MSU just because Cassius is so damn good. But best of luck to the Red Raiders! Hoping for a Virginia-Tech final (though I'm sure the NCAA and analysts don't want that!)

  • With Texas Tech in the championship game, I'm pulling for Texas Tech.

    Unleash that awesome defense on Virginia, Red Raiders! thumbsup

  • I'm pulling for TT to win the NC, but I won't be watching the game. Sorry, I just have a feeling this game is going to be something like the last Super Bowl...