UM vs Creighton

UM vs Creighton

  • Down three at the half. Shooting pretty well, but so is creighton. I’m really hoping DH has the same type season as JB usually did where the team kept getting better as the year went on.

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  • This board is dead. Wish the folks in charge didnt ruin it years ago.

    I see the team being 75% in sync..... then Castleton comes in and it's a free path to the basket for Creighton. I would honestly spell Teske with Davis and go from there. At least Davis will use his body and fouls. Castleton has no body and always backs away from contact, blocking shots and rebounds.

  • Simpson playing with a purpose early on in the 2nd half. Just need to get going from 3 again.

  • Happy with whatever Juwan said at the half. Team came out with passion, especially Livers and Simpson. Castleton responded a bit as well. After last game its nice to see some grit in the 2nd half. Let's close it out strong this time.

  • The second CC goes in, free path to the rim

  • Much better defensive effort in the second half. Creighton should be a nice team when they get some bodies back. They had no answer for teske and that was huge down the stretch. I really like what I’m seeing out of livers. We do still have some issues with ball control, but good win and hope to keep seeing improvements

  • BigTenPhan said... (original post) The second CC goes in, free path to the rim

    Yeah he isn’t showing me in either side that he can fill in for teske. Just plays to small.

  • I even see Teske playing directly underneath the basket at times. 5 feet out and teams will think twice on the dribble drive

  • I can already see Juwan’s work with Teske. You would not have ever seen this with JB.

  • We didn't win the rebounding or turnovers but shot well. I'd like to see Nunez figure out his role. Castleton will get there. Hopefully Johns will find a way to be more assertive as well. Good win and I like how comfortable Simpson, Brooks, and Livers seem to be playing.

  • Very impressed with how Simpson, Livers and Teske raised their games in the 2nd half. Credit to Howard too for how he managed the 8-man rotation which allowed us to keep a firm grasp on the lead (unlike against App St).

    Shout outs to DDJ as well for stepping up his production off the bench, especially on the boards.

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  • Solid game overall. That first half was getting under my skin because we know we're a far better defensive team than we showed in that half. Credit to Creighton as well, as they hit some pretty difficult shots.

    Second half much much better effort. Defensive mistakes were limited to a few botched switches or one of our younger players losing sight of his man. Fixable mistakes over the course of time.

    After the App St game, I was worried our offense would suffer some droughts like we did last year. Don't think we had any long scoreless stretches throughout this game. Creighton's defense isn't good so that helps, but it was nice to see some consistency throughout 40 minutes. Only 11 turnovers as well.

    Couple areas of concern were Teske's workload and Castleton. Teske cannot play 30 mpg at this pace for a whole year. He played nearly 30 mpg last year, but that was a much slower pace. I think we need to do a better job of managing his playing time. Castleton is better than he's shown. He brought the ball down too much. Lost a few rebounds and had a TO because of it. Defensive rebounding was an issue. Creighton got a few lucky bounces as it seemed every 50/50 ball went their way - and I don't think it was because they had more effort than we did. But we gotta box out better on the perimeter. They shot alot of jumpers which means longer rebounds off missed shots. Seemed like our perimeter guys were expecting Teske to clean up the boards and get out on the break. Can't have a fast break til we get the ball.

  • We need to keep giving Castleton minutes early in this season. He will be relied on come the conference season. He made some nice plays, but needs work on his footwork. Defensively, his weakness is recognition. He's a tall guy, but is a step too late to where he should be. Experience can help with that.

    DDJ played a great game on both ends of the floor. I've been really impressed with him so far.