Wolverines in Summer League

Wolverines in Summer League

  • MAAR - Cleveland Cavs - Was on the Cleveland G-League affiliate, Canton Charge, during the regular season

    Jordan Poole - Golden State Warriors - Going to have an opportunity to play alot with Klay Thompson out until next winter. Gonna have to compete for the minutes though.

    Duncan Robinson - Miami Heat - Played great in the G-League and earned an NBA contract. Should stick on the roster this upcoming season.

    DJ Wilson - Milwaukee Bucks - was a rotation player during the regular season, PT fell off in the playoffs (not uncommon).

    Ignas Brazdeikas - NY Knicks - Rookie has a chance to make the roster.

    Zak Irvin - NY Knicks - Can't imagine he'll stick around. Never know. Had a solid 30 game stint with their G-League affiliate.

    Darius Morris - San Antonio Spurs - Crazy to think he's still bouncing around.

    Watched the Cavs-Spurs game yesterday, featuring MAAR and Morris. MAAR didn't do all that much, whereas Morris had a solid game.