Quarterbacks coach Mario Verduzco doesn’t hesitate for a second when asked if anything about freshman signal caller Adrian Martinez has surprised him.

The coach quickly says no, and rattles off a list of what he’s seen from Martinez thus far, citing everything from physical performance to intangibles.

“His work ethic, his attitude, his approach to things, his maturity beyond his years,” Verduzco said. “No, there’s really been nothing that has surprised me.”

Actually, he then recalled, Martinez did surprise him the other day, showing up after a short break and weighing in 217 pounds. The quarterback is listed at 205, from when he entered the program.

Zach Duval’s program is paying off for Martinez as it had for quarterbacks like McKenzie Milton, Noah Vedral and others before him. He's stronger, he's heavier, but according to Verduzco, he looks better than he ever has before.

Coaches try to eliminate surprises as much as possible, but the recruiting process for Martinez was atypical. Late in November, the quarterback was committed to another program, and wondering who the future coach of the Tennessee Volunteers might be.

Then Nebraska got involved and it changed everything.

Verduzco said he recalled settling on Martinez as someone to reach out to early once he knew that his future would be in Lincoln and not in Orlando. Verduzco decided the strategy should be to reach out early, so he got the all clear from Scott Frost to call Martinez’s high school coach just hours after UCF won the American Conference title.

After barely finishing the conversation with the coach, Martinez was already calling Verduzco, signaling his interest in the Huskers. Nebraska offered over the phone on Saturday night. The rest of Martinez's recruitment was a short, quick courtship that featured a couple trips to Fresno for the quarterbacks coach, an official visit in Lincoln, and ended with Verduzco getting his guy, a quarterback he said had the mentality of a Midwestern native, but playing in laid back California.

Still could Verduzco be sure when Martinez showed up on campus and started practicing with the team that he had hit on his bet?

No, even Verduzco was curious what Martinez would be like during the transition.

“If you’ve never made a mistake recruiting, then you’ve never recruited,” he said. “It’s a human endeavor.

“You do as much homework as you can, you try to uncover as many stones as you can, you try to chase down red flags, and you never know for sure. You can’t be absolutely certain that he’s going to be able to process information as quickly as you need him too. More times than not, you’re not wrong about that piece of the puzzle.”

Any returns indicate Verduzco certainly looks right about Martinez.